Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trade recap

Trenton Traffic trades R.J. Toca to Monterrey Sultans for Enrique Park and Johnnie Reagan (1/20/08).

It seems like many teams are building for the future in season 1, but Monterrey is built to win now. In Toca, the Sultans acquired a front of the rotation starter who, at 31-years-old, will be a good one for the next few seasons. Health could be a concern with Toca’s 57 rating in that department, but his splits and great control will make him a key component in Monterrey’s run at the World Series.

In exchange for Toca, Trenton picked up power hitting third base prospect Enrique Park and pitching prospect Johnnie Reagan, who could wind up the best player in the deal. Reagan boasts projected 73 stamina, 94 control, 77/80 splits, and two elite pitches to go with two more above average ones (91, 92, 66, 62). Reagan’s makeup is low (projected 48) so it will take some good coaching in the minors to help him reach those projections, but at 22-years-old, he’s got a couple seasons he can spend working on those before pitching in the majors.

R.J. Toca

Enrique Park

Johnnie Reagan

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gutierrez claimed by Fargo

Enrique Gutierrez was placed on waivers recently by Texas Double Trouble and was gobbled up by the Fargo Dirtbags. Gutierrez doesn't exactly project to be a stud, but he's also not the type of guy you'd normally find on the waiver wire at just 19-years-old. He has excellent health and makeup ratings, three very good pitches, good stamina and will be very tough on righties. If he can reach his projections, there's no reason Gutierrez can make a solid number three starter for Fargo in a few seasons. Why exactly he was placed on waivers is a question only Double Trouble GM jraycameron can answer.

Trade recap

New Orleans Voodoo trades Tomas DeJesus to Memphis Shortgrass for Lyle Barber, Andrew Lankford and Steven Greenberg (1/20/08)

Lots of big deals went down once The Bigs got started. Over the next few days, we'll recap and highlight some of the notable players dealt so far this season.

Memphis acquired its shortstop of the future when it dealt three players for New Orleans' Tomas DeJesus. DeJesus' glove could earn him a few Gold Glove awards before his career is done while his high batting eye and power ratings will ensure he's no dud at the plate either.

The big name going back to New Orleans was power hitting first baseman Lyle Barber. Barber's offensive ratings are fantastic and he'll likely contend for a spot on the All-Star team for the next couple of seasons, but at 31-years-old, his clock is beginning to tick. Whether or not Barber stays healthy all season with a 37 health rating also remains to be seen. Pitching prospects Greenberg and Lankford could make solid contributions to the Voodoo's ML club in a couple of seasons.

Tomas DeJesus
Steven Greenberg
Andrew Lankford
Lyle Barber

Rule 5 draft recap

It’s been several days since The Bigs’ first Rule 5 draft where there were a couple of nice pickups made. Here’s a look at five notable names plucked from the Season 1 Rule 5:

Hideki Martin, 2B – Huntington Beachcombers (round 1, pick 1)
Original franchise: Anaheim Sleepers
The Sleepers may have been asleep at the wheel here by not protecting Martin. Martin has very nice projections for a 2B and was the best prospect taken in the draft. Whether or not he can contribute this year at the ML level is a different story.

Bo Clement, LF – Vancouver Fighting Moose (round 1, pick 4)
Original franchise: Baltimore Iron Birds
Clement will provide the Fighting Moose with a nice glove in left field and some punch at the plate. Whether or not he can stay healthy is the biggest question surrounding Clement, who boasts a health rating of just 53. Clement was also a pricey pickup with a $3 million salary, but worth it.

Benito Chavez, P – Louisville Legends (round 1, pick 6)
Original franchise: Boise Buckskins
Chavez was probably the best short-relief pitcher available in the Rule 5. At 25-years-old, he’s still a little ways away from his projected ratings, but his high makeup rating should help him get there eventually.

Douglas Griffin, P – Arizona Diamondbacks (round 1, pick 15)
Original franchise: Anaheim Sleepers
Griffin may have been the steal of the draft. With his above average splits and high control, Griffin will make a nice arm out of the Arizona bullpen. For a reliever, his durability could be better, but 59 stamina should help offset that if his max pitch counts are lowered.

Lenny Bradley, P – Durham Entombed Spiders (round 1, pick 11)
Original franchise: Baltimore Iron Birds
If you don’t think Griffin was the steal of the draft, then maybe Bradley is more your kind of guy. With better splits and better (and more) pitches, Bradley could make a very nice starter if his stamina was higher than 58. He will have durability issues, like Griffin, if being used out of the bullpen, but again, lower pitch counts could help offset the fatigue.

Introducing The Bigs Daily News

Welcome to even more time of your life being spent on HBD. This blog will detail the ongoings, provide analysis, previews and advice for teams and owners (and other curious minds) in The Bigs World. All owners of a team in The Bigs are invited and encouraged to publish works and all readers, regardless of ownership status, are invited to comment. Hopefully we can get some season previews up in the next couple of days before the inaugural season starts. And hopefully this blog doesn't contribute to any divorces.