Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NL takes third straight All-Star Game

Norfolk's Cruz drives in 5, wins MVP

The National League jumped out to an early four run lead and never looked back as they won the All-Star Game for the third straight season. Norfolk's Al Cruz led the charge for the NL and was named the game's MVP as he went 3-3 with a homerun and 5 RBI's.

The scoring got started early in San Juan (site of this season's All-Star festivities) as Fargo's Calvin Chang drove in the game's first run with a one-out double in the bottom of the first inning. Washington CF Luis Martinez followed with a walk and Cruz followed that up with a three run homerun to give the NL an early four-run lead.

The American League would tighten the game up, scoring three runs in the top of the third. But the NL answered immediately with three runs on their side of the inning, regaining a four-run lead that they would not relinquish. Austin's Miguel Castilla got the win while AL starter Albert Gonzalez, of Monterrey, took the loss.

Al Cruz
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Ashburnham, MA
Position(s): 1B
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trenton's Lopez takes Derby crown

Outslugs Alibamu's Rodriguez to capture title

The Trenton Traffic are having a tough time keeping pace in a loaded National League East despite a good record. But their catcher had little trouble in taking home his first Home Run Derby championship during this year's event.

Vasco Lopez beat out Montgomery DH Vladimir Rodriguez with a final round score of 9-7 to win the season 10 Home Run Derby held at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lopez finished the event with a total of 33 homeruns while Rodriguez finished with 27.

Though he wasn't able to capture the title, Rodriguez did capture one of the longest homeruns of the evening when he blasted one an estimated 500-feet. But even that moonshot fell just short of Atlanta's Stan Starr and his monstrous 503-foot blast.

Vasco Lopez
Age: 30B/T: S/R
Born: Chester, VA
Position(s): C
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Monday, June 21, 2010

The War Cry Gazzette

The DITR's are in and I am quite amused in all reality. I think amused is a good word to describe them in all reality.

Blake Perkins: He wasn't that bad to start with but I didn't have a roster spot for another catcher in the low minors so I left him in the Rookie league. He could be a pretty good catcher but it will be doubtful that he gets anywhere close to some of those projections.

Pablo Ortega: Was signed at the end of season 8 to use up extra money in IFA. Warm bodies are warm bodies for the Rookie League. Was on the roster in season 9 but never pitched, thus he has absolutely no experience and only ever received a rollover bump of three points to stamina. Must be hell to sit in the pen for a season and half and and even get overlooked by simmy. I am amazed his season and career details show nothing because of that. Maybe simmy won't ignore him now like I have.

Rolando Escobar: Was also an IFA money cow at the end of last season. Could actually be a good ML defensive role player if defensive and hitting projections get close.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

Fans, management and a couple players are a bit upset about not making the All-Star roster. Why wouldn't they be as AL saves leader, Coco Hines didn't even make the Summer Classic. Not even one of the best middle relievers in Bob Delaney was slapped in the face. Geronimo Bennett was even a little mystified. There must be no stars at all on this pathetic 50 win team. I guess I am not the only GM either.

Ok, I must agree this is the poorest excuse for a 50 win team there is. Don't ask me how they do it year in and year out. They play well together is about all I can say. Don't have anybody hitting near .300 but they tend to get the hits when needed to score enough runs to win. Pitching staff is not overwhelming anyone, but get the job done rather well. Defense is sturdy as they lead the league in plus plays with 57 and only 3 minus plays which helps tremendously.

We hadn't played well at home much of the season so we were surprised on the outcome of the recent 13 game home stand. We had just finished beating up Scranton for a four game sweep and had to come home and face St Louis where we took 2 of 3. Then the Maulers came for a visit and left very disappointed. Scranton came for a visit and the swept us like it was their stadium, guess a payback was due. Then came Louisville who dropped 3 of the 4. Then it was off to Jackson where we never play all that great but swept them before the break. The schedule doesn't get much better after the break, we go to Anaheim and if things go well we could actually find ourselves in first place for a day or so, didn't see that coming at all. Then a home/away series with Boise before Seattle comes in for a visit.

I am not sure how the AL West is going to unfold this season, four very good teams and it may not be decided until the final out the way things are going.

Next season there will be new faces on the pitching staff for sure. Felipe Cela is up for a new contract but so far this season hasn't really produced well. Louie Martin will be 35 and wants to try FA, we aren't going to stop him. Randy Stull wants to return but we just aren't so sure ourselves. Coco Hines wants a big contract again and we are contemplating that. William Bolling is the only position player we are debating about, he is putting up good numbers but it is a contract year. Arbitration doesn't look bad at the moment so that is a plus.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The IFA Front

A couple teams have decided to shell out their life savings on a player or two on the International Market. All I can say is, "They got more money than me! Waaaah!" Oh so much for the sob story. On with the news.

Jose Gonzalez became a pricey pick for the Scranton Janitors as they spent $16.1M for his services. I heard it was a fight to the finish for this guy. He considers himself a SS but I am not so sure, but I am not making any judgement calls from my scouting department (current duties are held by the team mascot btw). I am guessing he could make a great 3B at the very least though. Should have very good hitting skills however. Landing in Low A to start his career, is hitting a very robust .211 after 5 games but (always one) with 4 hits and 3 were for extra bases.

Next on the big bucks train is Tony Javier signed by the Atlanta Bandits for a mere $15.3M. A 1B by trade and looks to be pretty good at that position also. But what garnered him the big bucks is that big power bat he wields and the accompanying ratings (someone better not break the mold because I want one of them). Signed early in the season, he already has 51 games in his pocket and making a mockery of things with his .317 average including 16 doubles and 19 homers. What is even worse, he has more walks than extra base hits. GM cantarski is chomping at the bit hoping he will be ready for next years debut.

The War Cry Gazette

We have made it to .500 and are pretty optimistic for the rest of the season! The pitching staff is actually starting to assert themselves. Poor Felipe Cela, he just can't buy a break when he starts. Will Weston is off the DL and is back roaming his CF reserve. Hitting wise he should have stayed on the DL as he walks to the plate then back to the dugout dejected.

The draft was something else entirely. Yup, I ranked 500 players alright, 480 of them wasn't worth the paper they were displayed on if you ask me. I took a different approach this year, doubt I will ever do it again. By our 24th pick, my top 25 was already pretty decimated. We did get Shane Brown as we think he could be a very good setup man. We drafted Roscoe Peters in the supplemental but he might not sign but unfortunately we think he will in the end. We took a lot of chances in later rounds hoping to cash in on players that would slip through the cracks because of their signing woes. That sure didn't work as most want more in bonus money than they would ever make at a real job. Did we lose out on someone better? Highly doubtful with this draft class.
Oh well, back to the drawing board trying to find some talent that is worthy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The War Cry Gazzette

Management is astounded by the sudden resurgence of the War Cats. We know that New York is happy they won't be facing us again as they have already finished the season against us going 2-8. St Louis has been the latest victims losing 3 or 4 at home no less as we have already won 5 games against them. The sudden turn around started in Monterrey of all places winning 2 of 3 there. With Will Weston coming off the DL, he could help our chances tremendously if he starts hitting. So we are upbeat as to what is happening offensively. Pitching is another matter, we have observed the staff giving up lots of long balls, more than we deem exceptable so far this season. This is especially true at home where we have only played 23 games in a somewhat fashionable non-homer park. At the current rate the starting staff could easily give up 40 long balls apiece. Good news for Dave Cosby as he learned he would be staying with the BL club with Juan Chavez out for the season.

For those that have not heard, the sudden passing of erffdogg has shook the HBD world a bit. Though he did not play in this World, many of you have seen his posts in the forums or played against him in other Worlds as I and was truly a stand up guy. May he RIP.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Upheaval In Austin

The Austin City Limits have confirmed that The Bigs' single-season stolen bases record holder William Satou has demanded to be traded.

Satou, hitting under .200, was replaced as the Limits' starting SS by the red-hot Mariano Terrero before the 5/28 Pm game against Fargo. Terrero celebrated by cracking a pair of homers off Javier Henriquez in an 11-7 win; Satou celebrated by trashing the clubhouse and calling Terrero a "Cuban shitbird."

That incident was enough to confirm Satou's ticket out of town.

Satou originally signed as an IFA with New York in Season 2, and came over to Austin as part of the big 12-player trade in Season 3. He reached the majors in Season 5, immediately became the starter as SS, and made the All-Star team in Seasons 6,7, and 8. He really came to prominence in Season 8 with his assault on the stolen-base record, plus his leadership of the young Austin squad to its first-ever division title and playoff appearance.

But things turned south for Satou last season in what, for the other 24 members of the big-league roster, was a magical season. With the emergence of the rotation as as one of the tops in the Bigs, and the shift to a more power-oriented offense, Satou was dropped to 8th in the lineup. He seemed to sulk all season, his batting average fell to .250, and his stolen bases plummeted from 142 to 45. Meanwhile, Terrero blossomed in a utility role, postig a career-high .280 average and playing solid defense at 6 positions.

Limits management would not speculate on what it would take to acquire Satou, saying only, "We're not giving him away...we're fortunate to have 3 good SS's on the roster who can all contribute."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The end of an era in Fargo

Dirtbags look to rebuild around Henriquez


Fargo, ND -- Over the seasons the Fargo organization has enjoyed a great run of success including seven division titles in nine seasons, two National League pennants and one World Series championship. But, with the team currently sitting two games under .500 and an aging roster, it appears it may be time to take the team in a new direction.

We will now begin accepting offers for everybody on the current ML roster with the exception of Javier Henriquez, Enos Grace and Hayes Borkowski. The list of available players is long and star-studded and includes future Hall of Famers like Jeremy Glover, Alex Lim, reigning MVP Calvin Chang and life-long Dirtbag and 2-time Cy Young Award winner (also The Bigs winningest pitcher of all-time) Sammy Pierce.

These players will not come cheaply and the move to make these players available is not a salary dump. This isn't going to be a 5-7 season rebuild. Rather, the organization is seeking players who are on the cusp of breaking into the major leagues, or have 1-2 seasons of major league experience. Preference will be given to offers that include players able to play the following positions (ordered by importance):

In regards to position players, preference will also be given to players with a high on-base ability and strong defense. All of these guidelines are exactly that -- guidelines. We won't rule out receiving anyone under 30.

Again, these are not salary dumps and we're perfectly content to hold onto these players if the right offers do not come along. But sitting two games under .500 and not at least listening to some offers that could improve the team long-term seems silly. Efforts can be made to help out with salaries if the right offers are made as well.

Deals may take some time to get done as I'm sure there will be many inquiries so if I don't get back to your trade chat immediately, please be patient. Most of you know I'll get back to you at some point.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

Oh my what has happened!!!??? No hitting, no pitching means no winning. It all started with Monterrey then Louisville. No rest for the weary in those 7 games and losing was probably expected somewhat. But getting run over in Charlotte was not expected even though we always have problems there. Then came the rejuvenated Maulers on the attack. After that came the unexpected rocking from Boston. Now it is Montgomery picking in us.

Not much respite either with Juan Chavez , our best and lead-off hitter out for the season. Will Weston out for 26 games isn't much of a help either. All told we lost 4 players to injury in a two day span.

I can't believe it is the stadium after playing in Helena and Las Vegas. Either the other teams have gotten that much better (which in most cases is probable) or it isn't our year. I tend to think it just isn't our year but may be time to regroup.