Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

We have made it to .500 and are pretty optimistic for the rest of the season! The pitching staff is actually starting to assert themselves. Poor Felipe Cela, he just can't buy a break when he starts. Will Weston is off the DL and is back roaming his CF reserve. Hitting wise he should have stayed on the DL as he walks to the plate then back to the dugout dejected.

The draft was something else entirely. Yup, I ranked 500 players alright, 480 of them wasn't worth the paper they were displayed on if you ask me. I took a different approach this year, doubt I will ever do it again. By our 24th pick, my top 25 was already pretty decimated. We did get Shane Brown as we think he could be a very good setup man. We drafted Roscoe Peters in the supplemental but he might not sign but unfortunately we think he will in the end. We took a lot of chances in later rounds hoping to cash in on players that would slip through the cracks because of their signing woes. That sure didn't work as most want more in bonus money than they would ever make at a real job. Did we lose out on someone better? Highly doubtful with this draft class.
Oh well, back to the drawing board trying to find some talent that is worthy.

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