Sunday, June 20, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

Fans, management and a couple players are a bit upset about not making the All-Star roster. Why wouldn't they be as AL saves leader, Coco Hines didn't even make the Summer Classic. Not even one of the best middle relievers in Bob Delaney was slapped in the face. Geronimo Bennett was even a little mystified. There must be no stars at all on this pathetic 50 win team. I guess I am not the only GM either.

Ok, I must agree this is the poorest excuse for a 50 win team there is. Don't ask me how they do it year in and year out. They play well together is about all I can say. Don't have anybody hitting near .300 but they tend to get the hits when needed to score enough runs to win. Pitching staff is not overwhelming anyone, but get the job done rather well. Defense is sturdy as they lead the league in plus plays with 57 and only 3 minus plays which helps tremendously.

We hadn't played well at home much of the season so we were surprised on the outcome of the recent 13 game home stand. We had just finished beating up Scranton for a four game sweep and had to come home and face St Louis where we took 2 of 3. Then the Maulers came for a visit and left very disappointed. Scranton came for a visit and the swept us like it was their stadium, guess a payback was due. Then came Louisville who dropped 3 of the 4. Then it was off to Jackson where we never play all that great but swept them before the break. The schedule doesn't get much better after the break, we go to Anaheim and if things go well we could actually find ourselves in first place for a day or so, didn't see that coming at all. Then a home/away series with Boise before Seattle comes in for a visit.

I am not sure how the AL West is going to unfold this season, four very good teams and it may not be decided until the final out the way things are going.

Next season there will be new faces on the pitching staff for sure. Felipe Cela is up for a new contract but so far this season hasn't really produced well. Louie Martin will be 35 and wants to try FA, we aren't going to stop him. Randy Stull wants to return but we just aren't so sure ourselves. Coco Hines wants a big contract again and we are contemplating that. William Bolling is the only position player we are debating about, he is putting up good numbers but it is a contract year. Arbitration doesn't look bad at the moment so that is a plus.

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