Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The IFA Front

A couple teams have decided to shell out their life savings on a player or two on the International Market. All I can say is, "They got more money than me! Waaaah!" Oh so much for the sob story. On with the news.

Jose Gonzalez became a pricey pick for the Scranton Janitors as they spent $16.1M for his services. I heard it was a fight to the finish for this guy. He considers himself a SS but I am not so sure, but I am not making any judgement calls from my scouting department (current duties are held by the team mascot btw). I am guessing he could make a great 3B at the very least though. Should have very good hitting skills however. Landing in Low A to start his career, is hitting a very robust .211 after 5 games but (always one) with 4 hits and 3 were for extra bases.

Next on the big bucks train is Tony Javier signed by the Atlanta Bandits for a mere $15.3M. A 1B by trade and looks to be pretty good at that position also. But what garnered him the big bucks is that big power bat he wields and the accompanying ratings (someone better not break the mold because I want one of them). Signed early in the season, he already has 51 games in his pocket and making a mockery of things with his .317 average including 16 doubles and 19 homers. What is even worse, he has more walks than extra base hits. GM cantarski is chomping at the bit hoping he will be ready for next years debut.