Monday, June 21, 2010

The War Cry Gazzette

The DITR's are in and I am quite amused in all reality. I think amused is a good word to describe them in all reality.

Blake Perkins: He wasn't that bad to start with but I didn't have a roster spot for another catcher in the low minors so I left him in the Rookie league. He could be a pretty good catcher but it will be doubtful that he gets anywhere close to some of those projections.

Pablo Ortega: Was signed at the end of season 8 to use up extra money in IFA. Warm bodies are warm bodies for the Rookie League. Was on the roster in season 9 but never pitched, thus he has absolutely no experience and only ever received a rollover bump of three points to stamina. Must be hell to sit in the pen for a season and half and and even get overlooked by simmy. I am amazed his season and career details show nothing because of that. Maybe simmy won't ignore him now like I have.

Rolando Escobar: Was also an IFA money cow at the end of last season. Could actually be a good ML defensive role player if defensive and hitting projections get close.

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