Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

Oh my what has happened!!!??? No hitting, no pitching means no winning. It all started with Monterrey then Louisville. No rest for the weary in those 7 games and losing was probably expected somewhat. But getting run over in Charlotte was not expected even though we always have problems there. Then came the rejuvenated Maulers on the attack. After that came the unexpected rocking from Boston. Now it is Montgomery picking in us.

Not much respite either with Juan Chavez , our best and lead-off hitter out for the season. Will Weston out for 26 games isn't much of a help either. All told we lost 4 players to injury in a two day span.

I can't believe it is the stadium after playing in Helena and Las Vegas. Either the other teams have gotten that much better (which in most cases is probable) or it isn't our year. I tend to think it just isn't our year but may be time to regroup.

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