Monday, June 7, 2010

The War Cry Gazzette

Management is astounded by the sudden resurgence of the War Cats. We know that New York is happy they won't be facing us again as they have already finished the season against us going 2-8. St Louis has been the latest victims losing 3 or 4 at home no less as we have already won 5 games against them. The sudden turn around started in Monterrey of all places winning 2 of 3 there. With Will Weston coming off the DL, he could help our chances tremendously if he starts hitting. So we are upbeat as to what is happening offensively. Pitching is another matter, we have observed the staff giving up lots of long balls, more than we deem exceptable so far this season. This is especially true at home where we have only played 23 games in a somewhat fashionable non-homer park. At the current rate the starting staff could easily give up 40 long balls apiece. Good news for Dave Cosby as he learned he would be staying with the BL club with Juan Chavez out for the season.

For those that have not heard, the sudden passing of erffdogg has shook the HBD world a bit. Though he did not play in this World, many of you have seen his posts in the forums or played against him in other Worlds as I and was truly a stand up guy. May he RIP.

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