Monday, April 21, 2008

Arbitration Report

Today was a good day to be a player agent, as many key arbitration-eligible players won their cases. All players' salaries (for this season) are in millions and are rounded to the nearest hundred thousand (unless indicated with a *, then it's the actual total).


Hal Brinkley 3B Cleveland 1.6

Carlos Cervantes CF Norfolk 1.8

Ken Davis LF Trenton 1.6

Carlos Duran 1B Anaheim 1.8

R.J. Figueroa CF Arizona 7.5

Kane Grahe SP Arizona 1.6

Justin Hernandez CF Arizona 1.6

Cy Hughes C Louisville 4.8

Arnold Hunter C Louisville 1.6

Daniel MacFarlane RF Huntington 1.4

Daryl McKinley RP Toronto 3.7

Lance Stevens SP Louisville 1.6

Lynn Stewart LF New Orleans 2.9

Jorge Tejera LF Salem 3.3


Willis Petrov C Arizona 997,000 *

Bert Price RP Fargo 1.5

Marcus Reboulet 2B New Orleans 3.9

Rico Valdez LF Toronto 6.85

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