Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Trimester Report

No, The Bigs is not having a baby (thank goodness). We're about a third of the way into the season and here's what we're seeing so far:

NL East- Atlanta looks like the best team in the division, if not the entire NL right now. Washington is staying within striking distance. Norfolk and Trenton are non-factors and will battle for third.

NL North- Kansas City is a game above .500 and is leading the division. Minnesota is currently is second. Philadelphia and Fargo have some talent but have underachieved thus far.

NL South- Austin and Huntington are in a dead heat right now. San Juan and New Orleans are below .500.

NL West- In the division of surprises, Vancouver leads the division by a game over Salem. Salt Lake City is only 3 off the pace and always dangerous. Las Vegas is 6 games behind every other NL team. Except for scoring the fewest runs and giving up the most runs in the NL, they're looking great.

AL East- Is this New York's year? They lead Louisville by 5 games. Boston and Scranton are well off the pace.

AL North- Ottawa has not slowed down after a hot start and has the best record in the AL and a six game lead over incumbent St. Louis. Rebuilding Milwaukee is at .500 and Buffalo is surprisingly in last.

AL South- This is going to be a three team race all year. Right now Montgomery leads Mexico City by a game and Monterrey, maybe the most talented team in the division, trails by 4. Charlotte is by far the worst team in the AL.

AL West- This could be a wide open division. Anaheim is leading the division at .500. Boise is a game back and Cheyenne and Seattle are three back.

IFAs: We've already had 7 international players receive bonuses of at least $10 million. The biggest so far was to CF Julian Mieses, who received $18,9 million from Atlanta. Minnesota grabbed two pitchers in Anibal Sojo ($12.2 million) and Enrique Castilla ($14.9 million)

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