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Aginor's Season 11 Draft Review

Year 11 – Draft Review

1 Charlotte Lions – Keith Sele SS (Bonus 4 Mill)
My scouts saw this prospect and to be honest what owner wouldn’t drool over this guy’s offensive and defensive potential ratings. The thing with Keith is can you get him to the potentials?? With a marginal health rating and just okay makeup rating, it will be a challenge. Though positional players don’t usually get the injuries that really hammer the ratings. It’s playing time that is a really key in development and if he spends at a lot of time on the DL instead of playing…those ratings could be impossible to reach. So will Keith hit his MVP potential ratings…we’ll see; though my feeling is that he’ll fall short. Still he has a good chance of being a solid MLer
Rating 8.5

2 Las Vegas Snake Eyes – Kevin Lawson 2B/COF (Bonus 3.9 Mill)
While I’m not convinced Kevin will have the ratings to be a ML Second Baseman, I’m very sure he has the potential to be a great ML hitter. The potential is all there to become a silver slugger at what ever position he plays, he’ll hit for average and power. Considering where he is now and where his potential is, he’s got a good shot at making these ratings
Rating 9.5???

3 Minnesota North Stars – Braden Carroll SP (Bonus 3.8 Mill)
Braden was one of the many SPs available in this draft with great splits but only okay pitch ratings (nothing rated in the 80+). So being part of this crop of young pitchers, he’ll be part of the old HBD question for pitchers … Splits versus Pitch Quality. Again this is an older prospect and therefore closer to his potential ratings. The thing is pitcher don’t develop as fast as positional guys, so there Braden may not make these potential ratings despite being fairly close. Still Braden should make for a solid ML starting pitcher
Rating 9.0

4 Scranton Janitors – Howie Harding SP (Bonus 3.7 Mill)
Overall mostly likely one of the better pitchers available in the draft as far as pitching ratings go. He has one major drawback however, his stamina. We’re talking 5 maybe 6 innings maximum an appearance. He’s going to depend on a strong bullpen to get his wins. Still, they should be 5 quality innings and should give his bullpen a shot at holding on to a lead
Rating 8.5

5 New York Knickerbockers – Posiedon Hemingway SP (Bonus 6.0 Mill with STI)
Definitely one of the more unusual player names available in this draft. I’d of the pitchers that were chosen, he’s no doubt one of the best. Yes his LH split is weak when compared to his RH but that is really a big deal. His makeup rating is fantastic and that should give New York a good shot at getting him to these potential ratings. While an expensive draft pick to sign, I think New York will get their money’s worth
Rating 9.5

6 Philadelphia Phantoms – Henry Sewell 2B (Bonus 3.5 Mill)
Unlike the previous second baseman taken, Henry does have the defensive rating for that position and maybe CF too. BUT his bat is weak for the ML level. Yea sure he’ll be a great base stealer, his speed and base running ratings are fantastic; the thing how often will he get on base…enough to make him a useful leadoff hitter?? I seriously doubt it. His splits are just too low and while his contact rating is good but not good enough to make up for his weak splits and batting eye. I see Henry becoming a defensive specialist and pinch runner IF he makes it to the big league
Rating 5.5

7 Norfolk Destroyers – Francis Peterson SP (Bonus 3.4 Mill)
My pick was one of those pitchers this draft seemed to have lots of (great splits, just okay pitches). The other thing some these pitchers had was a great potential durability rating (40+) for a starting pitcher. He’s got a couple things over the previous two taken, that is his stamina potential is definitely better. Still will his splits overcome his just okay pitch quality… I hope so!!
Rating 9.5

8 Fargo Dirtbags – Rodrigo Melendez C (Bonus 10+ Mill)
Without a doubt the most expensive prospect in the draft (I think the most I’ve ever seen paid). The thing is, is he worth it?? I’d say YEP. A catcher who has these potential hitting ratings and can still be a decent catcher is rare in HBD. Not to mention his durability potential, that is high for his position, and his health rating. If Fargo can get him to this potential, you’re looking at a guy who is going to be a yearly All Star and maybe MVP nominee.
Rating 9.75
(not a 10 or pick of the pay 10 mill for a draft pick he’d better be the best available!!)

9 Vancouver Golden Otters – Bob Zambrano 1B/DH (Bonus 3.2 Mill)
It’s rare to see a 1B/DH go this high BUT he’s unusual prospect. His potential durability could allow him to play all 162 games (rare for his position) and his potential hitting ratings are very good. He’ll hit for average and power as well being able to play every game.. That makes him a real solid top 10 pick.
Rating 9.0

]10 San Juan Dead Bunnies – Ron Rudolph SS (Bonus 3.2 Mill)
The stiff hares got themselves a potential solid future MLer with Ron. Of course that’s if they can get him to those potential ratings, with a marginal health rating that may prove to be a challenge. His potential range is a little low for a ML SS, so he may be more suited for the 3B role. He should be able to hit for a decent average. Overall, in the 10th spot, I’d say he’s worth the gamble.
Rating 8.0

11 Milwaukee Manic Maulers – Vinny King RP (Bonus 3.0 Mill)
Here the first prospect closer taken in the draft AND Vinny could be a great one. He’s another one of the older prospects taken in the draft, therefore closer to his potential ratings then others. His stamina is quite high for a closer. Combine that with a decent durability and he appear in a lot of games for Milwaukee.
Rating 9.5

12 Salem Sacrifices – Miguel Tavarez SP (Bonus 4.3 Mill)
Salem gets a solid future starting pitcher with their 1st round pick. His splits and overall pitch quality should be solid. His pitch quality is deeper than most pitchers. I don’t Miguel will become a #1 spot starter with a rotation but a solid #2 workhorse. He’ll be able to give his team a lot of quality innings.
Rating 9.0

13 Ottawa O-Jays – Harvey Simmons RP (Bonus 2.9 Mill)
Harvey has all the potential ratings to become a solid lights out closer (wait for it), except for one..stamina. Sorry say but 12 don’t really cut it. You’re talking 3 hitters at the very most. Now if his durability was say close to 100, this would help things, but it ain’t. Actually with a just OK makeup rating, there is a good chance he may not make these ratings. Still if he does, he’ll be good just that he’ll not be able to give Ottawa a lot of IPs
Rating 6.5

14 Buffalo Blue Cheese – Douglas Finnessey RF (Bonus 2.8 Mill)
Douglas has the potential to be a solid hitter at the ML level. The thing I’ve found though is with guys with both splits being just good; they tend to be inconsistent from one season to the next. Though Douglas could beat this rap with solid contact rating and great batting eye, if he reaches his potential ratings. The major drawback I see with this prospect is his durability, it’s a little low.
Rating 8.0

15 Seattle Killer Whales – Gregg Schierholtz RF/1B (Bonus 4.0 Mill)
From the 15th spot this is a good pick. Judging the money spent I’d say he was one of those guys who had a shot at NOT signing. With RH split potential and solid power combined with good contact & batting eye ratings..Gregg should be a real good contributor at the dish for the Orcas. He should hit for a decent average as well hitting his share of long flies.
Rating 9.0

16 Boston Bambinos – Otto Millar SP (Bonus 2.6 Mill)
Again another really good pick this far into the first round. One could very well argue this the best pitcher taken to this point and I’d be hard pressed to prove you otherwise. Solid pitch quality, a real good RH split, decent control and enough stamina to go 6-7 innings. Not to mention very good durability, so lots of appearances.
Rating 9.5

17 New York Knickerbockers – Manny Martin SP (Bonus 2.5 Mill)
With their second pick of the first round the Knickerbockers take another pitcher. Like the previous pick this prospect has pretty decent pitching ratings overall BUT this pick has a couple of very glaring weaknesses. Firstly his makeup rating is ‘iffy’ so even getting him to these potential will be tough. The most important weakness is his stamina, it’s definitely not starting pitching worthy. He could be very useful out of the bullpen, again that’s if they can get him to his potential
Rating 7.0

18 Louisville Legends – Gerald Robbins CF (Bonus 2.4 Mill)
Here is another one of the older prospect that was available in this draft. Gerald isn’t that far from his potential ratings. The only this is, I feel his potential is marginal MLer..sorry to say (at from I see). His splits don’t look like they will be good enough to be a steady contributor at the plate. Yes his contact should be good and batting eye okay but… His defensive ratings are definitely possible ML stuff, just will have to see if the bat gets better than what I see.
Rating 6.5

19 Cheyenne Frozen Rope – Alfonso Reynoso SP (Bonus 2.3 Mill)
I saw this guy in my prospect list and started to think ‘here is the guy I want’. THEN I saw his control rating and that thought disappeared pretty fast. I’ve found that while splits and pitch quality can make up for marginal control, bad control is another thing altogether. Now, I feel he still can make for a respectable LP guy out of the pen, but I seriously doubt he’ll be a consistent ML starter.
Rating 6.5

20 New Orleans Voodoo – Livan Guillen C (Bonus 2.2 Mill)
Here is what has to be the steal of the draft, especially when you consider when he is taken, price paid AND then you look at Livan’s potential. A catcher that can hit and is solid catcher (has a good arm and PC ability). I mean this guy will hit at the ML level and not be a liability behind the plate…actually he’ll be an asset. The only thing is he has the usual durability of a catcher. Still if the Voodoo can get him to these potential ratings, here is an annual A/S.
Rating 10

21 Boise Shadow Wolves – Ismael Delgado SP (Bonus 3.3 Mill)
Once again here is a prospect that at first glance looks like he should’ve been a much higher pick. His splits and pitch quality should be excellent and his control is okay. BUT it’s his stamina and health ratings that dropped him. His potential stamina is just barely SP material with the ability to maybe go 6 innings at most. Also his health rating is marginal, so keeping him off the DL may prove difficult and his make up rating is just okay as well. So getting him to these potential rating will be a challenge
Rating 7.5

22 Trenton Traffic – Neil Clark RP (Bonus 2 Mill)
I mentioned before this draft a fair number of pitchers with really high splits and just okay pitch quality. Here is a closer prospect with this combination. The thing he also has is the potential for really good velocity and he’s a lefty. If the Traffic can get this prospect to his potential, they very well could have potential Fireman Award winner. Only knock on this one might be his stamina and durability combination, a little low but still I’d say acceptable.
Rating 8.5

23 St. Louis River City RAGE – Chad Phillette CF (Bonus 1.9 Mill)
While there is nothing really wrong with this prospect, he’s not exactly spectacular either. He’s got the potential to be a steady everyday player for St. Louis. His potential RH split should enable him to hit with a decent average. Also, his potential power isn’t bad, so Chad might make a decent #5 guy in the batting order. Again while not great, still not bad either
Rating 7.5

24 Salt Lake City Shakers – Denny Stetter 2B (Bonus 1.8 Mill)
This could practically be a repeat of what I said for the previous draft pick. Denny should make for a solid MLer if he makes these projections. Unlike the one above, he does have speed but his durability is just marginal. So he could make for a decent #2 man in the order who will have to be platooned. Good thing his RH will be pretty good
Rating 7.5

25 Kansas City Scouts – Gregory Robinson C (Bonus 1.7 Mill)
Well here is the third catcher taken in the first round of the draft. Also, he another one who should be an asset hitting and catching. His stamina is usual for the his position, still he’ll be a solid contributor to the line up when he does play. Taken at this point in the draft, I’m sure the Scouts are really pleased at this pick.
Rating 9.5

26 Austin City Limits – Albert Ford CF (Bonus 1.7 Mill)
At this point in the first round it’s not unusual to see his type taken. He again fits into the category of good but not great group. His splits will mean he’ll be a little inconsistent offensively but defensively he should be a solid fielder. If he makes these potential he’ll be a bottom of the order type of hitter. Still for this spot in the first round, this is a safe pick
Rating 7.5

27 Anaheim Chiles – Kelly Perez CF (Bonus 1.6 Mill)
This is another one those picks I’m curious to see what kind of MLer he’ll make. His defensive potential for CF looks great. His speed and contact should make him a lead off hitter; his solid split will help there too. I’m not sure if his very low batting eye will hinder this potential. His health could definitely hamper him getting this potential. This rating is marginal but again this is a positional guy so long as he doesn’t spend long stints on the DL, he should be able to get the playing time needed
Rating 8.0

28 Montgomery Alibamu – Bernie Alou SS (Bonus 3.1 Mill)
Montgomery took a shot and picked a prospect with a chance of not signing. To be rather frank, when considering the price paid and what I see as his potential maybe it would have been better if he’d hadn’t signed. He’s defensive potential isn’t really ML calibre and his hitting ratings are overall marginal at best. I don’t see Bernie being a starter at the ML level, maybe bench material IF he makes it at all.
Rating 4.0

29 Anaheim Chiles – Reginald Blank 1b/DH (Bonus 1.4 Mill)
Well Anaheim gets two round pick this close together and they take a decent future first baseman with the second of the picks. Reg should become good hitter at the ML level, with very good splits, contact, eye and decent power ratings. He’ll hit for a good average and hit his share of homers, but again he does have the common flaw for his position; that being durability – platoon city. Still a decent pick this late in the round.
Rating 7.5

30 Boston Bambinos – Storm Cassidy SP (Bonus 1.3 Mill)
Well at the risk of stating this again, here is another one of those usual late first round safe picks. Storm will not be a top of the rotation guy but could be a solid dependable #4 guy. That’s not bad really at this point in the draft. Nothing really bad here just nothing great either.
Rating 7.5

31 Atlanta Bandits – Edgar Ortiz SS (Not signed – wanted 1.1 Mill)
My scouts didn’t see Edgar so I’ve got no exact ratings on him. But judging from what his demands are, he doesn’t look like a guy who was at risk of not signing. Could be wrong though. My guess is that Atlanta didn't think he's worth the price.
Rating Zero

32 Washington D.C. Blue Coats – Adam Jones (Bonus 1.1 Mill)
Adam has the potential to become a decent bullpen pitcher; he doesn’t have the pitch quality of a starter. Also, he doesn’t have the splits to make up for the lack of pitch quality. Still he might make for decent lefty coming out of the pen IF he makes these potential ratings.
Rating 6.0

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