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Season 12 Draft Review

Prologue: Like last season the pick of the draft came down to the best overall player taken. In this case that was really early in the draft. The Red Herring was a toss up between to guys, ultimately price was the deciding factor. I’d like to say GOOD JOB to some of the owners in bottom of the draft order. Several of you got some decent players late in the round, that takes some work etc.

1 San Francisco Sabrecats

Joseph Woo – SP (4 Mill): With the first overall pick the Sabrecats took a prospect who should in a few years, become a major anchor for their starting pitching rotation. The potential could be one of someone we see on the Cy Young ballot a fair number of times. There really isn’t a weakness here but if you want to be really picky his stamina will be just ordinary (not many complete games)..okay so what!!
Rating 9.75/10

2 Charleston Chew

Adam Harding – C (7.4 Mill): Same as last season’s draft, there was available a potential superstar catcher who was a high risk not to sign. While Charleston didn’t pay the same, they got a guy that is every bit as good as the one taken (and signed) last season, maybe a little better. This is guy who be asset hitting and catching with great ratings in both areas, as well might be able to a lot games than the usual catcher..meaning WATCH OUT
Rating 10.0

3 Norfolk Destroyers

Carlos Nunez – 2B (3.8 Mill): With my first pick, I got my second ranked guy on my draft board (Harding was #1!!). Not disappointed though, Nunez should become a solid addition to my batting order in a few seasons. While drafted as a 2B, I don’t think his glove has the potential to play that position at the ML level. So he’ll mostly be a LF or RF, but either way he should be a solid #2 guy in the order
Rating 9.0

4 Boston Bambinos

Dicky Haas – CF (3.7 Mill): Boston selected a prospect that has a rather unusual combination for HBD, a guy with solid defensive ratings to play the Centre Field position (solid glove & range but not the arm of an infielder) and will hit with some power. His splits are definite ML level but not more than that but his contact & eye are marginal. So I don’t see him hitting over .300, still he should be an asset in the field and at the plate for Boston. The only question is, was starting him in Hi-A a good idea? Time will tell.
Rating 8.5

5 Seattle Killer Whales

Roger Weston – SS (3.6 Mill): Defensively Weston should become a solid ML shortstop but will be inconsistent as a hitter. It’s the splits, being that they both will only be in the 50s and against ML pitching that is just marginal. For a shortstop he’ll have really good power but the batting average will be just okay (in the .250s at best). So overall he’s a defensive SS. The only thing being that considering his overall rating when comes to his demands, they will be on the high side..we’ll just have to wait and see if he’s worth what he’ll ask for.
Rating 8.0

6 New Orleans Voodoo

Seop Okajima – SS (3.5 Mill): This is a really interesting prospect, well besides the name. His projected defensive ratings are just short of ML standards, but his hitting ratings are darn decent. So he’ll be asset at the plate no matter position he plays defensively, IF he makes to the ML level. The ‘IF’ is because his health rating could mean some DL time and that will hamper is development. So much so, he might make it to the ML level. This the gamble the Voodoo have chosen to take on this pick
Rating 8.0

7 Trenton Traffic

Homer Scanlan – RF: This is a pick that didn’t sign (a risk Trenton took with this pick). When you look at his potential, I think it was one worth taking (he was in my top 5 too). Sadly for Trenton he decided to go back to college, because this would’ve put up some really good #s at the ML level.
Rating N/A

8 Anaheim Chiles

Roman Parnell – RF (3.3 Mill): Roman defensive potentials are definitely COF or 1B type stuff, offensively he should be a really good #2 man in the lineup. While not a lot of power, something you expect from RF/1B types, he’ll still hit for a very good average. Just too bad he doesn’t have speed, otherwise LOOK out. Overall this is a decent looking prospect and should be an asset in the batting order.
Rating 8.5

9 Cincinnati Reds

Efrain Sullivan – SP (3.2 Mill): Another interesting name for sure. At first glance this looks to be pretty decent ML SP. With a closer look there is one glaring problem, DURABILITY!! Now it being that low doesn’t mean he’s not ML material, it’s in the bullpen though not the rotation. He could definitely be effective there, just that his PC will have to be lower than normal for the role. Not really what you want out of a top 10 pick.
Rating: 6.0

10 Kansas City Scouts

Alfredo Rios – SS (3.1 Mill): Here is another SS prospect who’s defensive potential ratings come up slightly short of ML standards for that position. That said, he’ll still be an asset in the batter order. While only ‘average’ power, he should hit for a really average at the ML level. The only really drawback with Alfredo is his durability, he’ll be platoon guy at whatever position he ends up player. Still his is a bat you’ll want in the lineup.
Rating 8.0

11New York Knickerbockers

Richard Lee – RP (3 Mill): New York takes the first closer prospect for this draft. Though to be honest I’m not sure just how effective he’ll be with those splits at the ML level (as a closer). Usually for a closer you’d like to see splits some what higher than his potentials presently show. BUT maybe his pitch quality and control will help. Though I feel they won’t, so I see him as possible set up man.
Rating 6.5

12 San Juan Dead Bunnies

Steven Lohse – C (2.9 Mill): Lohse is every bit the great Catcher prospect Harding (taken 2nd overall) is with one exception.. Durabilty. Lohse will only be able to play about 90-100 at most, if he reaches his projections. Presently that durability is very low and that will limit his playing time..unless you let him play at <90%. To be frank San Juan will likely have to. Playing time is the major key in development and Lohse has a long way to get to his lofty projections. So unless you push his playing time, he’ll not make it. There is a risk doing this.. injuries, if they occur that will hurt his chances too. So Steven will be a major project.
Rating 8.5

13 Minnesota North Stars

Vern Mitre – SP (4.5 Mill): Vern is the second most expensive (as far as bonus goes) taken in the draft and I’m not really sure he is worth the price tag. Durability of 20 is barely good enough for a SP and his projected Stamina is marginal as well. Thing here is his projected splits will not really be ML quality, at least for a starter. He might be okay as long relief out of the bullpen, maybe… So really you have AAA pitcher that will be marginal at ML level. Not really worth paying 4.5 million for..
Rating 4.0

14 Syracuse Sandmen

Magglio Lee – RP (2.8 Mill): Magglio definitely has the potential ratings to be a solid closer at the ML level. However, the combination of his durability and stamina are a-typical for that role. Durability is a little low for that spot but his stamina is higher than normal. Not that this is a problem really, this combination still allow him to appear in fairly often. So long as you keep the PC to a reasonable level. Other that little quirk, this is really good pick for the 14th spot in the draft
Rating 9.0

15 Salem Sacrifices

Jimmie Cruz – CF (2.8 Mill): While true Jimmie doesn’t have the potential to be a superstar at the ML, he should become a solid MLer. Overall he’ll be a solid fielder and hit for a decent average, also does have a little pop in his bat. If Salem can get him close to his potential, I think they will be happy with the result
Rating 8.0

16 Buffalo Blue Cheese

Seth Bell – SS (3.8 Mill): While Seth cost a little more than “slot money”, I doubt Buffalo feels he’s not worth it. His potential defensive ratings say you have a possible future gold glove here. Now admittedly his offensive ratings aren’t fantastic, they are decent however. He should be able to put up okay #s at the ML level, to be more than just a great glove at SS. Taken has on an overall package, this is pretty good pick at this point in the 1st round
Rating 8.5

17 Vancouver Golden Otters

Paul Inouoe – P (Not Signed, wanted 6.5 mill): My scouts didn’t see this one, so I’ve got no idea whether he’s worth his asking price OR the risk of him not signing.
Rating N/A

18 Cheyenne Frozen Ropes

Bartolo Gabriel – CF (Not Signed, wanted 4.1 mill): Repeat of above, not seen by my scouts
Rating N/A

19 Fargo Dirt Bags

Bryce Washington – SP (2.3 Mill): Bryce’s potential splits are just marginal for the ML level but maybe his pitch quality and control can help this weakness. If so he should be able to be a bottom of the rotation or long man out of the pen once he develops. The real key for Bryce is to get as close to those splits as possible, if comes up short you’ll have bullpen material at best.
Rating 7.0

20 Helena Shadow Wolves

Mickey Purcell – SP (2.2 Mill): With Mickey I could pretty much repeat what I just said about Bryce above. They both have potential splits that are just marginal at the ML level but everything else looks like ML material. Mickey does have one advantage, that’s velocity.
Rating 7.0

21 San Francisco Sabrecats (2nd pick in round)

Teddy White – 2B (2.1 Mill): Now Teddy’s potential glove might be a short of ML standard for the 2b position, if he makes it to his offensive potential rating I’m sure the Sabrecats will find a spot for him. Teddy with this potential should be able to hit in the .290-.300 range and hit 30 or so long flies. I don’t of any owner that wouldn’t want that in the lineup. Again a pretty good pick up at this point in the first round.
Rating 8.0

22 Scranton Janitors

Vin Trunk – SP (2 Mill): You know if the pitch quality potential was just a little better overall or if his potential split were GREAT, Vin might be ML bullpen material. As it is, I can’t see this prospect being effective at the ML level. Just okay splits and poor pitch quality spells AAA material at best, maybe DiTR..otherwise.
Rating 3.5

23 Milwaukee Manic Maulers

Jonathan Hocking – RP (Not signed, wanted 1.9) Jonathan is a closer in the style that was common when HBD first started up. FANTASTIC splits, control and velocity etc but his stamina is seriously lacking. At most you’re looking him facing 2-3 batters in an appearance, no more. This could very well why he was not signed OR maybe he decided to play pro hockey..either way…
Rating N/A

24 Mexico City Chupacabras

Dario Clinton – RF (2.8 Mill) Overall Dario’s potential is that of an ordinary ML RFer, at best. The potential offensive ratings are just okay, but for RFer his power is a little low. If he had speed at least that would be something but that is not there either. So you have potential RFer who will hit maybe .270 with 20 homeruns…not really what you want from that position. Also, he cost more than ‘slot money’ to sign.
Rating 6.5

25 Atlanta Bandits

Pedro Lira – RP (1.8 Mill): Maybe the best of the potential closers taken in the first round. That’s not giving him much though. His potential stamina is just barely good enough but he’s got the splits and the pitch quality needed for the spot. This is one is a project, because he’s got a long way to go to his potential rating. IF the Bandits can indeed get him there, he should be a solid ML closer
Rating 8.0

26 Huntington Riverdogs

Jerrod Lester – 2B (1.6 Mill): Another project here with potential rating that a decent for possible MLer. Not superstar stuff but solid ML potential here. Once again when you consider when taken in the first round, that’s not bad. Overall this draft I didn’t think was that deep, so to get a guy like Jerrod at this spot is darn good
Rating 7.5

27 Monterrey Sultan of Swat

Vic Brown – C/DH (1.5 Mill): Here is the first 1b or DH taken is this draft and his potential rating are unique (to say the least). Vic’s potential RH split is GREAT and he’ll have really good power with a decent contact/eye combo considering his power rating. Besides having a very low LH split, his health rating is VERY low. This prospect could spend a lot of time on the DL, therefore not make his potential. Time will tell of course
Rating 7.0

28 Salt Lake City Shakers

George Tate – 1b/DH (1.4 Mill): This guy is going to kill left handed pitching. Against RH pitching he still should do okay. While RH split is indeed low, his contact/batting eye ratings should help offset that weakness. George’s defensive ratings are very weak, but let’s face it, it’s not his glove the Shakers are after! A good job y Salt Lake to get this quality of player at this spot. If his RH was have the pick of the draft here.
Rating 9.5

29 St. Louis River City Rage

Nipsey Moss – CF (1.3 Mill): Nipsey has the potential to be a gold glove at the CF position. Overall his offensive rating are pretty good and he’ll have some pop in his bat. Also, he’s got some speed and some base stealing potential. Given all this and price tag of 1.3 million, I’d say the River City Rage have themselves a steal.
Rating 9.0

30 Washington D.C. Blue Coats

Ross Henderson – 2B (1.3 Mill): I’m not overly sure what to make of this prospect. Definitely will not have the arm for play 2b at the ML level, even in the outfield his arm would be a liability there. His potential RH split is quite low, at the level that HBD seems to be handing out to the SS these days. The only real asset this prospect has is his speed and base stealing potential. Like all base stealers, his contact rating is high so that might help his hitting at the ML level. It will be interesting to see if he makes to these potential and how effective he’ll be at the ML level
Rating 7.5

31 Ottawa O-jays

Homer Decker – SP (Not signed – wanted 6 mill): I think Ottawa is a little disappointed that Homer would not sign. While his potential stamina is a little low for a ML starter, the rest of his potential pitching rating would make him the ace of the staff.
Rating N/A

32 Austin City Limits

Juan Bocachica – RP (1.1 Mill): This is another one of those closers with low stamina. Presently he is on Austin’s AA team, sitting on the inactive list. This where he started and so far in 13 appears his numbers are not good. Maybe started him too high? His other potential pitching ratings are all very good but he’s got a long way to go to get to them. There you go back to the question AA, too high a level to start him at? Considering the distance he has go in his ratings, I’d say so. That being what it is, with stamina that low, he’s a marginal ML prospect.
Rating 6.5

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