Friday, February 11, 2011

New Trenton owner relocates to Chicago

Austin, Vancouver, Kansas City also move

Long-time GM of the Trenton Traffic, gumbercules, called it a career at the end of last season, his twelfth at the helm of the franchise. His departure saw new team owner mjpals move the franchise from the only home it has ever known to Chicago to become the Chicago Cows.

Gumbercules wasn't the only long-time owner to retire after season 12 (though he was the only original owner to leave). Both Austin GM blanch13 and Vancouver GM wild44 left The Bigs as well after season 12. The Austin franchise has been taken over by GM optistrat and moved to Louisville while ballgame43 has taken the reigns as GM of the former Vancouver franchise and moved the team to Boise.

Vancouver fans won't be left without a team, however, as original Bigs GM shobob has moved his Kansas City Scouts to Vancouver and renamed them the Grizzlies.

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