Friday, October 21, 2011

International market report

As season 15 in The Bigs draws towards a close, we take a look at the big name international free agents that have been signed this year. 

Alex Molina, SS -- signed by Cincinnati Reds ($17.2 million bonus): Molina is the big catch in this year's international free agent market. He projects to be just an average short stop defensively but what he is capable of with the bat is the reason why he's so coveted. It's my opinion that he would be better suited for CF, 3B, or 2B once he reaches the major league level as he could be a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger winner at any of those positions.

Del Rodriguez, 1B -- signed by Monterrey Sultans of Swat ($16.7 million bonus): Rodriguez could be an average major league first baseman right now and with a little development and coaching, he could be a beast. 

Alex Ortiz, SS -- signed by Atlanta Bandits ($15.5 million bonus): Atlanta landed a solid defensive shortstop though there are some questions about Ortiz's glove and whether or not he may eventually wind up a CF or 2B once he reaches the majors. But if Ortiz can develop into a ML-caliber shortstop defensively, he projects to have good on base potential for a player at the position.

Emil Cerveza, P -- signed by New Orleans Voodoo ($13.1 million bonus): Arguably the top pitcher on the international market (and certainly the most expensive), Cerveza is an above average all-around pitcher. He doesn't have elite stuff in any particular category but he's not weak in any category either. His low durability will limit the number of innings he's able to pitch so it appears that New Orleans will develop him as a short reliever. 

Humberto Segui, SS -- signed by Vancouver Grizzlies ($12.3 million bonus): Segui's speed is what will make him an asset at the major league level once he gets there as he's the fastest man signed off the international market this season. Defensively, he could play 3B for a major league team right now but with some good old fashioned minor league seasoning, he could be an elite defender at a more demanding position such as shortstop.  

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