Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Monster Nets 100

In just his seventieth game in AAA ball this season, the Monster, Barry McEnroe has knocked in his 100th RBI with a two run double. Unfortunately the Shadow Wolves minor club lost the game 3-2. Shadow Wolves fans are salivating at the potential of this kid and even some are wondering why he isn't playing in the majors already. Especially with the dismal home performance of Boise this season. Luckily many Shadow Wolves fans have been able to watch all the away games on direct TV and a lot of games on the local station. The Shadow Wolves have been much better on the road, where they recently beat the dominant dirtbags in fargo two out of three and even swept the snake tamers, who admittedly are struggling this season after finishing strong the last two seasons in chicago.

When asked why the Monster isn't playing on the ML club, Shadow Wolves GM, Michael "the Wolf" had this to say, "You have to have all the layers of a cake in the right position before you put the icing on the top, otherwise you're just wasting the icing." We're not sure if he's talking about baseball or baking, but he was a little more forthcoming when we pressed him on the subject, "Lets just say that by this time next year, the Monster will be making major league pitchers cry themselves to sleep at night." I'm sure everyone is looking forward to his big debut. At least all the Boise fans. The other teams around the league are probably glad he's been given so much time to develop in the minors.

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