Monday, September 21, 2009

Salem's GM Reflects on the End of an Era

Salem general manager trailjon541 held a press conference to announce the trades of Nate Cox, Dwight Salmon, and Dave Dunwoody. These three had been the key parts on a team that had won 3 division titles, made 5 playoff appearances, and won a World Series in six seasons, but saw themselves relegated to last place this season. Trailjon541 started with the standard announcement of the trade, thanks for the aforementioned players for their contributions to the team over the years, and expressed hope for the rebuilding to come, but then threw in a bit of an odd reflection on the Dunwoody/Salmon/Cox era:

"One of my favorite sayings is about George W. Bush, that when he was elected, he thought that he had hit a home run, and didn't realize he had been born on third base. My winning the first season as a rookie owner is a lot like that. I was given a team with Cox, Salmon, and Dunwoody. I kept plugging along with them, thinking that at any time I made the playoffs, I could win it all with two stud pitchers and a mediocre team. Didn't work. So, now I blow it up to start all over... At least I had a better seven years than Bush".

The reporters chuckled awkwardly at the last sentence, not sure if it had been meant as a joke or a political statement.

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