Sunday, December 27, 2009

If the Draft Were Held Today- Season 2

A "fantasy draft" of Season 2's crop:

1. Scranton (formerly Kansas City)

Pick then: CF Turner Dolan
Today: Dolan

This is a tough call, with plenty of good players out there, but I think Scranton would still take Dolan, a CF who hits .300 and still has some developing to do. He's a 20-20 guy who could still improve on those numbers.

2. Salt Lake City

Pick then: IF Jordan Newfield
Today: Newfield

I think Salt Lake City would be hard-pressed to improve on an IF who has both scored and driven in 100 runs the past two seasons.

3. Chicago

Pick then: IF Neifi McBride
Today: SP Yogi Anderson (picked #9 by St. Louis (formerly Ottawa), still with team)

Anderson has a good rookie campaign, struggled in his second season while logging more innings, and has been a Cy Young candidate this season. I think Chicago would rather have a possible ace and at the very worst a very good #2.

4. Syracuse (formerly Toledo)

Pick then: SP Lonny Hernandez
Today: 2B Willis Biddle (picked #12 by Philadelphia, now with Washington)

Last season it looked like Hernandez would be in this spot, if not higher, with a 10-5 debut. But his ERA has jumped by almost 2 runs and he's 3-9 despite most of his other numbers being similar to last season, and he's lost a starting spot. So we'll give the Simpletons Biddle, the heart of the emerging Blue Coats lineup- he should easily drive in 100 runs this season.

5. Atlanta

Pick then: 1B/OF Stan Starr
Today: Starr

Another tough call, but it's hard to go wrong with a past MVP candidate. This would be an easier call if not for his major injury this season. He not only hits homers- he gets on base and scores runs as well.

6. Oklahoma City (formerly Wichita)

Pick then: CF Thurman Allen
Today: Allen

This was a fairly deep class, but I'll give the OKC their CF back- a 20-30 type guy who hits for a pretty good average.

7. Boise (formerly Colorado Springs)

Pick then: IF Ryan Hammill
Today: Hammill

Boise is a team on the rise, and it started here with Hammill- he had a breakout .296-33-112 season last season. Now he's got help around him- those numbers could go even higher. His fielding could use some work.

8. Seattle (formerly Vancouver)

Pick then: RP Paul Schwartz
Today: CF George Lowe (picked #26 by Nashville, now with Salt Lake City)

Schwartz was the first reliever off the board and has done most of his work for Cheyenne- he's saved 79 games in the past two seasons but only has a career save percentage of 75%. Lowe is a speedy CF who is the prototypical leadoff hitter- lots of speed and gets on base at a .400 clip. Any team would love to have a guy like that.

9. St. Louis (formerly Ottawa)

Pick then: SP Yogi Anderson
Today: RP Garry Wright (picked #13 by Jackson (formerly Durham), still with team)

Since they can't get Anderson, they could take a chance on a few guys who have yet to perform to their potential, like McBride or Hernandez, or get one of the top closers in the game in Wright. Wright has a career save percentage of 90%, has racked up 191 saves, and has a Fireman of the Year Award on his mantle..

10. Vancouver (formerly Boise)

Pick then: SP Jesus Amezaga
Today: C Sam Brumfield (picked #15 by Austin (formerly Memphis), still with team)

I don't think Vancouver would object if I dropped a pitcher from their roster who is a career 17-22 with a 5.56 ERA in favor of a catcher who hit .297-33-86 last season and is a good defensive catcher.

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