Thursday, December 3, 2009

Special Report- Change at the Top

The recent rumors swirling around the league about a possible change in commisioners was confirmed today. League founder mfoster55 was replaced today by Fargo GM kjmulli after winning a league-wide vote, with Trenton GM gumbercules finishing second as the only other candidate to receive multiple votes. The Chicago team has been taken over by GM greeny9. No word has come from the commish's office yet, but gumbercules did issue the following statement:

It is unfortunate that we seem to have lost our founder, mfoster55- he did a great job with this league. But part of building a great organization is having people in place to take up leadership roles, and I feel we have many capable people in this league.
I do not view finishing second as a loss in any way- I did not campaign for the job. If the league felt that having me be the commisioner was in the best interest of the league, I would have gladly taken the responsibility and done the job to the best of my ability. I felt all the nominees would have been solid choices. I have the utmost respect for kjmulli- he's done a great job with the Fargo franchise and I'm sure he'll do just as good a job for the league and he can always count on me for support.
The focus right now should be on the league as we move forward. This league is an excellent one and I look forward to many great seasons of baseball (and hopefully a World Series trophy in the near future for Trenton).

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