Monday, February 22, 2010

The Cats Mewlings II

Ok, I said I would do this at a later time but a big trade occurred between the Cats and Bandits. I was one surprised GM when the trade came across the wire. I had to pass this one by the Bipster, you know how owners are. I was confused by the trade for a while until I realized it was a salary dump by under-performing players. I guess some GM's might get a little antsy when high priced players are performing well below the Mendoza line in all offensive categories. Pete Duvall was moved to LF after a little confrontation between me and Bob Koplove. Pete was actually complaining that he wasn't getting enough playing time as the coaches and I were trying different approaches with the outfield and 3B in general. Then of course, Alving Infante went on one of his joke playing tirades at the same time. I told the Bipster that this trade could be a blessing in disguise.

Atlanta sent over William Bolling and Tony Burnitz with Davey Sherman as a dangling participle. It seems they wanted Pete Duvall in the worst way. I assume they wanted his power bat in RF. Davey Sherman was more or less a throw-in as his health is not very good. But one never knows and could be destined to being a very good short reliever at the ML level.

After the trade we had to drastically reconfigure the lineup. First we sent Alving Infante to AAA, good riddance! We put Bolling in LF to Koplove's diappointment, he is such a cry baby. Burnitz became our new RF to a little bit of disappointment to a couple younger players. But they soon found out they were not forgotten and were overjoyed at the situation. Boomer Robinson and Jay Hegan are going to split time at 3B. Boomer is also the backup to Kevin Kim at SS and Paul Ingram at 2B so he will be seeing a lot of action, of course Jay will see the most action 3B. Richard Gabriel will be splitting time resting the COF and maybe a little 3B thrown in. Bob Koplove may seem like the forgotten one, but we decided if he quit his disruptive ways and gets out of the dog house, he could spell Wally Harvey at 1B.

We actually had a good series in Buffalo taking two of three. Now it is home to face Monterrey and the new line for a four game series. 6-13 is not a good start to the season and our 1-7 record in 1-run games is the culprit. Normally, I can look over things and tell you the root cause of the 1-run problem, but this one actually defies normalcy so far. When you look at the team stats and see the best two hitters are your non-hitting catchers, you know something is amiss. I just think things will settle down here shortly and right itself and I think the trade will help achieve that goal.

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