Saturday, February 9, 2008

International Free Agent Signings

I thought the report on International Signings was listed as they happened, with the last one listed at the bottom, but I guess I need new glasses. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name, so I had to redo the list to figure out who was added. To make it easier, I have done it by team.

*Note: Will grade different aspects of the IFA's (in my opinion of course). Will
put in an analysis of the player if I think he will make the Show
(in my opinion of course).

Def = Defensive capabilities
Off = Offensive
PD = Pitching Defense
PC = Pitching Capability
HLvl = Highest Level the player may or may not attain(best guess of course).

Anaheim Sleepers

Miguel Gonzalez, P, HA, Price: 530K, PC: D+, PD: B , HLvl: AA

Arizona Diamondbacks

Rafael Samuel, 1B, RL, Price: 75K, Off: D-, Def: D-, HLvl: HA

Jose Escobar, CF, LA, Price: 356K, Off: D-, Def: D+, HLvl: HA

Felipe Rodriguez, CF, LA, Price: 60K, Off: D-, Def: D-, HLvl: HA

Baltimore Iron Birds

Victor Gonzales, CF, LA, Price: 5.0M, Off: B-, Def: B+, HLvl: ML
A good defensive CF and a few other positions as well. Hitting will be average at the Major League level, .265 to .285 with 20+ home runs very probable.

Cincinnati Dragons

Enrique Melendez, SP, LA, Price: 4.0M, PC: C+, PD: B+, HLvl: ML
An intriguing pitcher with great control, decent pitches and weak splits. Will this combination keep him mired at AAA?

Miguel Sierra, LF, HA, Price: 1.1M, Off: C-, Def: C-, HLvl: AA

Durham Entombed Spiders

Felipe Seguignol, CF, LA, Price: 1.7M, Off: C-, Def: A, HLvl: AAA

Houston Oilers

Victor Vargas, P, ML, Price: 3.0M, PC: B+, PD: B-, HLvl: ML
A very good setup man. His low stamina severely limits his pitching to every other day at best. Should do well for many years to come.

Las Vegas Gamblers

R.J. Guardado, 1B, RL, Price: 3.6M, Off: B-, Def: C, HLvl: ML
Low end 1B, but a medium hitting DH with power. .265+ with 25+ home runs is plausible.

Alex Nomo, SP, HA, Price: 760K, PC: C+, PD: C-, HLvl: AAA

Milwaukee Manic Maulers

David Mendez,C, LA, Price: 3.6M, Off: A-, Def: A+, HLvl: ML
All the skills are there for him to be a great one, health permitting(always a but).

Monterrey Sultans

Victor Ordonez, C, RL, Price: 90K, Off: D+, Def: A+, HLvl: HA

New Orleans Voodoo

Ignacio Feliz, RP, LA, Price: 735K, PC: B+, PD: C-, HLvl: ML
What a bargain for this future closer. Don't think the medium splits will hurt that much, can't hit what can't be seen and if it does the worms better hide.

New York new york

Rolando Alfonseca, RP, LA, Price: 90K, PC: C-, PD: C-, HLvl: AAA

Andres Franco, RP, LA, Price: 260K, PC: C-, PD: C, HLvl: AAA

Rafael Zurbaran, SP, LA, Price: 130K PC: C PD: C HLvl: AA

Rafael Ramirez, 2B, LA, Price: 425K Off: D+, Def: C-, HLvl: HA

Tony Acosta, 3B, LA, Price: 360K Off: C+, Def: C+, HLvl: AA

Edgardo Arias, RP, AA, Price: 500K, PC: B-, PD: D+, HLvl: ML
This is one of those pitchers that bears watching in my thinking. No range, and very low pitch calling is the reason for the low PD rating. The PC is good except for the low velocity. First two pitch ratings are good, but that velocity combined with fast balls could be bad. Could be ML reliever.

Alex Marquez,P, AA, Price: 1.2MK, PC: B+, PD: C+, HLvl: ML
May not make it as a SP, but long relief appears to be in his future at the ML level. With the Knuckleball and Screwball as primary pitches, better have a real good catcher. However those pitches should serve well with the low velocity.

Pawtucket Patriots

Damaso Brogna, RF, AA, Price: 7.6M Off: B+, Def: C-, HLvl: ML

Ugueth Montanez, 2B, AA, Price: 4.6M Off: C+, Def: C-, HLvl: ML

These two combined will be a left/right combination and probably will both play 1B at the ML level. Add in their speed, you have very good lead off hitters. Though Brogna has enough power to bat 1st through 3rd in a lineup.

San Juan Dead Bunnies

Wilfredo Padilla, P, RL, Price: 2.1M PC: C PD: C+ HLvl: AAA

Jimmie Beltre, 1B, RL, Price: 1.8M Off: B-, Def: B, HLvl: ML
Good defensively, average hitter with good power.

Junior Tabaka, C, LA, Price: 8.5M Off: A-, Def: C, HLvl: ML
If his batting eye was better, could hit 100 homers a season and that may not stop him either. His pitch calling ability though could make his battery mates disgusted. DH might be a solution.

Texas Double Trouble

Albert Herrera, P, LA, Price: 200K PC: D+ PD: C HLvl: HA

B.C. Rodriguez, SS/2B, RL, Price: 750K Off: F-, Def: F-, HLvl:
B.C. Rodriguez, RP, RL, Price: 750K PC: A, PD: B- HLvl: ML
Someone playing with changing roles cool..roflmao..
A future Setup/Closer, will be tough to get a hit off of him and at a bargain price too.

Alex Padilla, P, RL, Price: 500K PC: C-, PD: B- HLvl: AA

Al Oropesa, 1B, RL, Price: 125K Off: D-, Def: D+, HLvl: HA

Louie Lee, RP, RL, Price: 825K PC: C-, PD: B+ HLvl: AAA

Esteban Diaz, RP, RL, Price: 125K PC: C-, PD: B- HLvl: AAA

Valerio Perez, RF, RL, Price: 250K Off: C-, Def: D+, HLvl: HA

Willie Ramirez, RP, RL, Price: 500K PC:C- , PD: C HLvl: AA

Olmedo Martinez, 3B, AA, Price: 85K Off: D+, Def: C+, HLvl: AA

Ariel Tatis, RF, LA, Price: 1.0M Off: C- Def: C-, HLvl: AA

Tony Wilfredo, RP, RL, Price: 75K PC: D , PD: C- HLvl: HA

Trenton Traffic

Miguel Baez, SS, LA, Price: 125K Off: D+, Def: A+, HLvl: AA

Rico Johnson, LF, RL, Price: 125K Off: B-, Def: C+, HLvl: ML
A nice rounded player for the Major leagues. Has enough power for 20+ home runs and bat .275.

Pedro Castro, C, RL, Price: 125K Off: D-, Def: A+, HLvl: RL

Aurelio Prieto, RF, LA, Price: 3M Off: B+, Def: B-, HLvl: ML
Has all the makings of a very nice left handed bat in the lineup. Glove a bit weak and health could be an issue later on.

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