Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spotlight on: NL Playoffs

Now for the fun part- predicting the playoffs. As a disclaimer, I am by no means a professional prognosticator and have no plans to quit my day job, so don't catch the next flight to Vegas after you read this. But anyway, here's how I see the playoffs playing out:

First of all, the 6 teams in order of seeding:
1. Montreal
2. Arizona
3. Norfolk
4. New Orleans (out of the wide open South)
5. Cincinnati
6. Salem (I think has the most out of the rest)

OK, first round shouldn't be too difficult. I think Cincinnati dispatches New Orleans in 4, and Norfolk takes out Salem in 4. So we have the top four teams left.

2nd round is where it gets interesting. Montreal-Cincinnati would be a great World Series if one of them was in the AL, but we get it in the 2nd round. Arizona and Norfolk would face off on the other side of the bracket. I'll pick a slight upset and say Cincinnati in 5- I think if the series was 7 games I'd probably take Montreal, but I think in a shorter series Cincinnati's starters allows them to move on. Should be great baseball. I think Arizona takes out Norfolk in 4.

So we're down to Cincinnati against Arizona for the right to go to the series. Is this where the Dragons' flight ends, or can a wild card team make the playoffs? I'll take Cincinnati in 6.

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