Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One on one with the commish, mfoster55

We go one on one with the founding father of The Bigs, mfoster55.

What drove you to create The Bigs?
That's easy for me to answer, I have taken over three teams in established leagues. While one of the teams was a decent, the other two have been ran into the ground. I just felt like if I was going to spend the time and money to build a team I wanted it to be a new team in a new league.

What are some perks of being the commissioner? Personal jet?
Yeah the personal jet is nice, but the $20mil 3 year contract is the best perk of all. All kidding aside the biggest perk for me was being able to pull a league together so quickly and having people like you take such a great interest.

*Gushing* What was your first thought when you looked at your roster for the first time?
Damn, I'm going to lose more then 100 games with the Major League roster. That is okay with me since I'm in it for the long haul. My team might stink this year but give me a couple of years.

Cubs fan I assume? If so, how many homeruns will Fukudome hit this year?
To tell you the truth I'm not a Cubs fan at all. I'm a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, but I had someone that was intrested in joining the league if Cincinnati was available so I decided that I would take Detriot in the AL. I think we only had 2 opening left and the were both in the NL and at that time another owner was intrested in joining if an AL team was left, so again I took one for the team and picked Chicago.

Analyze that Burt Stevenson trade for me. Why make that deal?
Why make the deal is an easy question to answer, Burt Stevenson is already 26 years old. After studying my rosters I realized that I'm looking at a couple of years before I had a chance to win. I thought if I could get the right player, or group of players in return it would be in my teams best intrest to trade him.

Analyzing the deal, I have read alot of what has been posted and I agree with most of it. Burt Stevenson and Sean Simpson are both special talents. Stevenson for the next 5 years or so might hit .330 with 60+ hrs, but Simpson has a chance to be a 40-40 and hit for a good average. As I previously said I though Sean Simpson was just the right player, he is only 19 years old and will be a conerstone of my team for the next 12 years or so. I had a better offer in terms of more then one player but I just couldn't turn down Simpson.

What’s your strategy for the rest of the season? Trying to get back into the race or play for the number one pick in next year’s amateur draft?
My strategy for the rest of the season is to trade the rest of the remaining talent on my major league roster, so if anyone is intrested send me a trade chat. I'm trying to build this team for the future and yes the first pick in the draft would be great.

Who's got the best team in The Bigs?
I think this is a hard question to answer only 34 games into the season, but with the trades that Milwaukee has made of the last week or so they are going to be tought to beat. I also think that Monterrey is going to be tought to beat in the AL. In the NL I think it is going to be a tough race with up to 7 teams that have a chance to win.

If you can change one thing about HBD, what would it be and why?
I don't know that I would really change much. I think that spring training is a little to long, and I would like to see that reduce. Maybe they could play more games a day, but for me it is jsut a boring period.

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gumbercules said...

Even if you may not necessarily be proud of your ML team this year, I think you can be proud of the league. I think this is going to be a great league- thank you for starting it and having me in it.