Sunday, December 7, 2008

American League sees 2 pitchers go down with injuries

Two American League teams, one a title contender, saw a major part of their pitching staff go down with an injury.

Monterrey's young star pitcher, Luther Brush, went down with a strained rotator cuff. He went down against San Juan in the 4th in the middle of an at-bat against Oswaldo Johnson. He'll be out 2-3 weeks and was placed on the DL. His 4 complete games lead the majors.

Seattle's young closer, Quilvio Sanchez, is in worse shape. He also has a rotator cuff injury, but is expected to be out close to 2 months. He came in the 8th inning against Salt Lake City to try and close out a good effort by Miguel Benitez, but only could throw 2 pitches before being injured. He has struggled at times while trying to make the jump essentially from Single A to the majors (he has 1 inning of experience at AA and has never thrown a pitch at AAA), pitching to a 7.47 ERA and blowing 4 of 13 save opportunities. However, he's only 20 and most scouts agree that he should be fine and should be a force in the league for seasons to come.

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