Thursday, December 4, 2008

Current Events

Salt Lake City Shakers signed Red Karl in a much ballyhooed event today! At 23.1M, that is almost the GDP in the last quarter, makes him the second highest singing of the season. He fancies himself a SS or at least the scouts do. With my 16M scouting budget, I see him as under qualified at SS and over qualified at 3B. Sounds like a good resume to me. Any who, he can hit, and for a SS that is good news. The makeup is there to make his projections also. Looks like a real solid find in my books as I can't really find any negatives.

If you haven't read the SiteStaff post, I would advise reading it. Will it help, that remains to be seen. I am hoping they fix some of the other things they talked about also as I have suddenly seen some bad irregularities with the draft pools.

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