Monday, December 29, 2008

Matty Eusebio pitches a no-hitter

Matty Eusebio pitched what is believed to be the 4th no-hitter in the history of The Bigs last night in a 7-0 victory over Salt Lake City. A 3rd inning walk to Shakers catcher Ira Crawford was the only baserunner allowed by the Atlanta Bandits ace. Eusebio struck out 10 and used exactly 100 pitches to achieve the no-no. He joins Ajax Drabek, Duffy Parnell (?!?), and Perry Herman as the only pitchers to throw no hitters in this league. In the postgame interview, Eusebio said, "I think being in Salt Lake City helped. I got a good night's rest- there's practically no nightlife here. I mean, how many Mormon temples can you visit in one day?" His press agent then said, "No more questions". The victory helps keep Atlanta in the NL East race, as they currently sit 2 games behind the Trenton Traffic.

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