Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playoff picture with about 30 games to go

First of all, I'd like to wish all owners here in the Bigs and anyone else reading this a Happy New Year. A new year may be upon us, but season 4 of The Bigs is in full swing and with about 30 games to go, here's the current playoff picture:


East: The Trenton Traffic and Atlanta Bandits are in a flat-footed tie at 70-59. Trenton has been up and down all season, looking unbeatable at times and and others looking like they couldn't beat their AA squad. Atlanta is riding a 7 game win streak fueled by recently acquired aces Steven Michaels and Matty Eusebio. Nofolk, although they are below .500, are only 8 games back.

North: Fargo has used a second half surge to reassert their dominance in this division and put themselves in position to be a force in the playoffs. They stand at 74-55, 12 games up on the Chicago Snake Tamers. Barring a huge collapse, they should cruise into the playoffs.

South: Houston is at 79-50 and, from start to finish, have appeared to be the team to beat. They'd be the top seed if the playoffs started today. Unlike Fargo, they can't really let up, as San Juan has provided a stiff challenge this season- they are 5 games back at 74-55.

West: I think someone turned the west standings upside down; the two also-rans in that division from the first three seasons are the two top teams now. Salt Lake City is at 74-55, 4 games up on Vancouver. Salem is 9 out.

Wild Card: San Juan has a fairly good grasp on the #5 seed right now at 74-55. After that, it gets interesting. Vancouver, Trenton, and Atlanta (although it would seem that one of those last two would win the East) all have 70 wins. New Orleans is by no means out of the race with 68 wins. Salem is on the edge of the race at 65 wins, although with Dunwoody and Salmon, don't count them out yet.


East: Like the National League, the AL East features a tie at the top. Louisville is shooting for its 4th straight division title; Charlotte is looking to wrestle the crown away from the Legends. Both currently stand at 72-57. New York has slumped a little lately, but they are 66-63 and are a threat.

North: Milwaukee again holds the best record in baseball at 84-45, leaving the entire division in its dust. St. Louis is 70-59; if they were in another division they might be in it.

South: Monterrey, like Milwaukee, should cruise to its fourth straight division title. They are at 81-48. Nashville and Little Rock, tied for second, are 16 games back.

West: The AL West doesn't appear to be in much doubt, either. Las Vegas stands 12 up on the rest of the pack at 74-55. Seattle, in second, is 5 games below .500.

Wild Card: Not quite as wide-open as the NL. The East loser (Charlotte/Louisville) would take the 5 seed and St. Louis would hold the 6 seed. New York is 4 back of St. Louis, and Nashville and Little Rock(surprisingly in the race after a blistering 20-3 run) are 5 out. It's not too late for any of those back 3 teams to make a move.

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