Saturday, January 31, 2009

New owners for season 5

A few teams have moved and are looking forward to good seasons in their new homes during season 5. The NL stays completely intact, so we look at the 3 AL teams on the move...

Charlotte made two straight playoff appearances in the AL East; if they make it 3 in a row, it will have to be in the great city of Scranton. The Janitors will try to mop the floor with the rest of the AL East. CF Justin Hernandez was asked what he thought the best thing about Scranton was; his reply was, "At least it's not Wilkes-Barre". Nap00 takes over as owner in one of the 10 biggest cities in Pennsylvania.

Little Rock was the other AL Wild Card team last season; after a one-season absence, cincysteve resumes control of the team. Following the team's tradition of never playing two seasons in the same place, they move to Oklahoma City to become (deep breath) the Oklahoma City Sneaky Finger Puppet Mafia. 3B Leo Miller was asked about his team's new name and said, "Yeah, I knew about it in advance. Why do you think I've requested a trade?"

Out west, The Colorado Springs Chickens will play this season as the Boise Shadow Wolves under the new ownership group headed by god_mike. They hope to have their best season (which wouldn't even require 70 wins) in the great state of Idaho (insert your own punchline).

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