Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DITR Guess

After reading an article somewhere about DITR's. I have decided to take a guess of who my DITR's might be this season. Things have been running late or slow, wonder if they are testing the new draft update? Sounds like someone that has too much time on their hands and thinks way tooooo much. The Gamblers gamble so here we go with a somewhat educated!!

Being to the fact that they like catchers I have chosen this one in that realm.
Polin Villalona
Why? His pathetic ratings make him a prime choice and he has shown some improvement this season.

In the pitching realm I have chosen this raw draftee.
Jacob O'Brien
Why? His current health and makeup won't let him pass Hi A if he gets that far.
I was going to select L.J. Kirwan but after being passed over twice already, will probably retire a hopelessly unhappy Rookie League pitcher.

In the hitting realm I have chosen this poor guy.
Johnny Philips
Why? With a makeup like that, everyone thinks he is psycho.

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