Monday, March 9, 2009

Gamblers Draft Board Review

Drafting 25th and a scouting budget of 16/10 the Gamblers had to be precise in who they were going to draft in the first round. The draft was very weak in our eyes as it seemed to favor a High School draft, but after seeing the draft I am not so sure about that either. So first I will show what the scouts thought were the top 10 players and where they ended up on my board.

1. Ossie Acker - was the highest overall and a pitcher, no chance for him to fall to 25. He dropped on my board as I did not like his patience nor his bad third pitch. Drafted:6

2. Dan Benard - I don't think he was as good as the scouts proclaimed but was really the best pitcher on my board. Drafted:2

3. Joe Forrest - The best reliever on my board. Drafted:18

4. Steve Lofton - Was the best CF/2B on my board, too bad I can't trust the scouts being accurate. Drafted:8

5. Vernon Taubensee - Another great looking pitcher on the surface but his pitches threw me for a loop. Drafted:13

Okay folks, that was the blue chip players so the scouts say. Now for the second tier.

6. Johnny Guerrero - The best SS on my board, don't really like his temper and a little short in the glove but can hit and it is something I lack at the position. Drafted: 25

7. Bob Hauser - Another HS player at 2B but I don't think is good enough to play the position well that is what the scouts tell me. Drafted: 9

8. Sidney King - Another so called 2B, a position he could never play but can hit right handed pitching well, his temper was a turn off. Drafted:33

9. Bing Brow - A pitcher that fits the late first round profile but his pitches is another story, the name says it all...Bah Duh Bing Drafted:24

10. Sean Watson - Egads he is in the top 10, mid second round maybe. Drafted:63

Think that looked bad, just wait, here was my top 10 after I got done.

1. Dan Benard - I trusted the scouts anyway but chances were slim he would fall that low. Drafted:2

2. Vernon Taubensee - I didn't like him but he was one of the best pitchers, something I lack in the minors. Drafted:13

3. Joe Forrest - I liked him for a closer role, not sure he would have been good enough for that but hard to turn down an every day 20+ pitch pitcher for the pen. Drafted: 18

4. Larry Driskill - A real closer even though I highly disliked the patience. I really thought he might fall to me. Drafted:10

5. Johnny Guerrero - Not sure if he will make his defensive ratings well enough to play SS but a shoo in for 3B at a minimum and maybe even 2B. Would have liked a higher eye, but I like the fact he hits left handed, throws right and has high even splits with a little power and and above average contact. Drafted:25

6. Sidney King - Not sure what I was thinking because he couldn't play 2B on a good day but I did like the fact he was was very strong against righties. Drafted:33

7. Bob Hauser - Just because he was a power hitter and they fit my team profile. Drafted:9

8. Fritz Wise - I figured I would have a shot at one of the above which made him a good second round pick if he was still there. Drafted:65

9. Esmailyn Silva - Was the best catcher and 4th best hitter on my board plain and simple. For the longest time I had him as my #1 pick. With seeing his overall being a 66 to me, I was hoping he would fall to me in the second round. Dumb thinking in the end and I put him in the wrong slot, he should have been in the 8th slot, an oversight on my part but didn't make a difference. Drafted:35

10. Steve Lofton - I really liked him, I just couldn't trust the scouts. Drafted:8

I actually like my first pick as I did get the best SS on my board. Zeke McDonald has ML potential and a very good second round pick. I got some decent minor league position players in rounds 3 through 7. A great crop of career minor league pitchers in rounds 8 through 15. Picks 16 thru 25 were no where near the top 500. I signed my 22nd pick in Stu Brumfield because he was the best of them all and ranked 710. He might even get to be this seasons DITR, well I can hope. Everything considered I would say I had an outstanding draft.

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