Saturday, July 10, 2010

The War Cry Gazette

The final addition of the War Cry Gazette I am afraid. Going on vacation for a month and a half at least. Chances of me returning next season is very remote, a pun in there somewhere. Sorry NJ.

It has been a wild ride for the War Cats this season. I wasn't too happy about how the team played in the new stadium at all. The lineup performed about the same as they always do but have started to come around a bit. Then again it could have been the trade of William Bolling that started the upward mobility. Who really knows. The pitching staff is even looking better. The pitching staff is actually more geared to Cheyenne than their stats at home indicate but I also noticed an improvement after Bollong was gone also. Coco only needs 6 saves to tie last years record and it is possible for him to do it I think or even surpass it.

With 15 games to go, I thought maybe there was a chance to still make the playoffs. But being behind by 6 would be a monumental task. Going 14-1 is about the only way. Even with that, Jackson would only need to win 8 games. But one never knows when a complete collapse will occur, I just don't see it happening.

Have a good one everyone, will check back in season 12 if nothing else.

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