Sunday, July 25, 2010

World Series GM interview: drvmu1

A few quick questions for Anaheim Chiles GM drvmu1 before the season 10 World Series gets underway

This is just your third season with a winning record and second playoff appearance and yet you have the Chiles just four big wins away from the first World Series title in franchise history. What would it mean to you to get this one?
It would be a great deal to win it all this year. Although we are not happy with "just being here", this season and this run have been very rewarding in that they have provided solid affirmation that the approach I took to building this team was the right approach. As recently as last year an article appeared in the blog analyzing what I was doing wrong, and suggesting a variety of "fixes". I have also had several trade chats over the past several seasons providing unsolicited advice as to how to maximize the talent on my team. I don't take offense, but I also never wavered from my approach. Now, here we are, playing for the title - its rewarding.

What will your Chiles need to do to bring home the WS trophy to Anaheim?
Our strength is starting pitching. Its got us this far, and we will definitely need it at is best in order to beat a very tough Huntington squad. But, starting pitching alone won't be enough. We can't afford slumps from our power guys in the middle of the lineup - at least two of our big 3 power guys -Milligan, Candelaria and Stewart- need to have a solid series. Finally, we will need a little luck against Ramirez and Gates. Those guys are as tough as they come, and our offense has been around the middle of the league all year - which will not be good enough to get a win off either of those SPs.

Do you foresee having to make any changes in strategy against this Huntington team?
Good question. We don't want to give away any strategy secrets before the series. But, suffice it to say that yes, we will need to alter our traditional approach. Huntington presents some different challenges that we haven't had to deal with much this year. For example, Huntington's team speed is scary. Cesar Trevino had a good year throwing out baserunners - but, I don't know if he has faced a challenge like this.

How will not having the DH for a few games in Huntington affect your lineup?
It could affect us quite a bit. Jim Adkinsson had a great year for us with 32 HR and hitting nearly .290. In addition, he hit .325 in the post season so far, so we will be without a solid offensive contributor in some of our most crucial situations.

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