Sunday, July 25, 2010

World Series GM interview: jmagliaro

A few quick questions for Huntington Riverdogs GM jmagliaro before the season 10 World Series gets underway

This Huntington franchise has been one of the most successful franchises in The Bigs over the last 10 seasons, winning a WS in season 3. What would it mean for you to get your second one here in season 10?
I think Huntington is the only franchise in the Bigs to have 90+ wins in every season. The goal is to win it every year so I try to put a solid all around team together. To get a 2nd title would be special especially in a league like this. There's some great, dedicated owners here. It won't come easy though, Anaheim has a very solid team.

What will your Riverdogs need to do to bring home the WS trophy to Huntington?
Pitching is always the key. It seems to be a pretty even match up. I'm counting on 5 solid starts between Gates and Graves and good solid defense. Pitching and defense wins championships in my book.
Do you foresee having to make any changes in strategy against this Anaheim team?
We run a lot and Anaheim has some great defensive catchers. So I may need to slow that down a bit.

How will having the DH for a few games in Anaheim affect your lineup?
Having an extra bat in the lineup will be nice. I think it gives us a really nice edge. I think it's more difficult for an AL team losing the DH. My prediction - Huntington in 6.

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