Saturday, February 11, 2012

Season 16 Awards

With season 16 complete, it's time to hand out a few awards.

Cesar Gonzales, Fargo

What more needs to be said about this season's NL MVP? He not only broke league records for home runs and RBIs, he completely smashed them - and also led all of baseball in hits, slugging percentage, OPS, and runs created, while leading the Dirtbags to 110 regular season wins (the most in The Bigs since Salt Lake City's 113-win campaign in season 12). Gonzales' offensive numbers were simply otherworldly this season - at since he's not even yet in his prime, this could be the first of many Player of the Year awards for Fargo's slugging young first baseman.

Runner-Up: Floyd Floyd, Charleston

Miguel Cayones, Chicago

Cayones may have been robbed of a Cy Young award because he won "only" 14 games, but this is one accolade he won't miss out on. The Cows' young ace (like Gonzales, he's just 22 years old) led all of baseball in WHIP (1.01), ERA (2.39), and strikeout-to-walk ratio (a whopping 4.39) while pitching in a home park that's one of the majors' most favorable to hitters. If he had a slightly better bullpen to work with, or had developed the stamina to go a bit deeper into starts, he could easily have won 20 games and perhaps even nudged the Cows into the playoffs.

Runner-Up: Ronn Lincoln, Charleston

The_Rock, Seattle

It's an impressive feat to steer a team to the playoffs after it's posted six straight losing seasons; more impressive still, to finish with your league's second-best record in the process; and quite unbelievable to achieve all this by knocking off a perennial contender whose roster is teeming with current and former All-Stars. But The_Rock's Killer Whales did all that this season, powering their way past the Helena Shadow Wolves on their way to 91 wins and an ALCS appearance.

Runner-Up: cantarski, Atlanta

As we look back on the last few months, it's important not only to remember the good, but also to be able to laugh at ourselves for some of the bad. In that spirit, here are the winners of the "prestigious" Iron Glove and Tin Slugger awards for season 16.

Presented to the worst fielder at each position

P Adrian Hendrickson, Oakland
C Odalis Lopez, Montreal
1B David Pierzynski, Buffalo
2B Tony Johnson, Boston
3B O.T. Wagner, Oakland
SS Alex Ortiz, Montreal
LF Fernando Beltran, Salt Lake City
CF Will Weston, Montreal
RF Alfredo Daniels, Cheyenne

Presented to the worst hitter at each position

C Dante Nakamura, Milwaukee
1B Buddy Lowe, Milwaukee
2B James Hill, Mexico City
3B Mark Black, Memphis
SS Dizzy Brown, Mexico City
LF Carmine Mays, Cincinnati
CF Billy Quantrill, Cincinnati
RF Trot Turner, Mexico City
DH Hootie Dobson, Cheyenne

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