Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Way to Beat Low Durability

Do you have a low durability pitcher, I mean the real anemic ones between 8 and 15? Does he have the qualities to be a great starting pitcher if his durability was in the mid 20's or better? If his stamina is in the 60's or better this is what you can do. Make him a closer, that is right a closer. Set him to pitch the 9th inning only and you normally never have to move him out of the slot.

Settings for this type would be:

Pitch Count: 25 to 30 but no more.
Auto Rest: set to 50
Inning Available: set to 9th
Manager Closer Rule: Make sure this is checked.

I have found this type of pitcher is well suited for the position. He can get up to 70 plus innings and 40 to 60 saves even and seldom blows a save and comes in real handy in extra innings also. I have done this in other worlds and have had great success getting FOY awards or having them finish in the top 5 every year.

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