Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inter-League Report

TBDSN-With the Inter-League play being over, which league and teams fared the best? Does the schedule need tweaked a bit? I thought about several ways of changing the schedule, but alas the 162 games makes it very difficult to make it even out. Currently we play every team with 10 games between each other meaning it is either a 3 game series or a four game series. One team gets an advantge this way because it is either a 6-4 series home or away depending on how the schedule was made. Do some teams get an advantage under the current scenario? Unlike the real world, the schedule doesn't have to be made up considering travel costs and availability at least (lol...like Astros a few years back that had to play something like 35 straight away games.) However the division play is 15 and 15 and is evened out.

Under my best scenario you would play each non-division opponent for 8 games and could be either 4 game sets home and away or a 2 game home/away scenario like the NHL. Inter-League play would have to be in the 2 home/away scenario for 16 games total instead of the current 12 which would be more fun in my thinking and not playing the same raivals each year would be great. The drawback is the final two series of the season where the you would play an extra game against two of your division opponents. Would people complain about being short changed by 1 game in their division? (of course they would, most just like to find something to complain about anyway.)

The North:
Milwaukee Manic Maulers: 3-9
Toledo Greensox: 7-5
St. Louis Silly Nannies: 7-5
Syracuse Slyce: 3-9

Fargo Dirtbags: 8-5
Chicago Snake Tamers: 6-6
Toronto Toros: 7-5
Philadelphia Phantoms: 7-5

NL had a decisive victory with a 28-20 win advantage.

The East:
Louisville Legends: 7-5
Charlotte Blue Devils: 7-5
Huntington Beachcombers: 7-5
New York new york: 4-8

Trenton Traffic: 5-7
Norfolk Destroyers: 7-5
Atlanta Bandits: 7-5
Washington D.C. Blue Coats: 4-8

AL wins with a 25-23 advantage.

The South
Monterrey Sultans: 9-3
Iowa City Cornjerkers: 6-6
Nashville Sounds: 7-5
Jackson Vipers: 4-8

Houston Riverdogs: 9-3
New Orleans Voodoo: 5-7
San Juan Dead Bunnies: 4-8
Austin City Limits: 4-8

AL wins with a 26-22 advantage.

The West
Las Vegas Gamblers: 6-6
Colorado Springs Chickens: 7-5
Anaheim Chiles: 2-10
Seattle Killer Whales: 3-9

Salem Sacrifices: 9-2
Arizona Diamondbacks: 10-2
Scottsdale SLAMMERS: 5-7
Salt Lake City Shakers: 6-6

NL wins with a decisively lopsided 30-18 win advantage.

Overall the NL wins decisively with a 103- 89 win advantage.

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