Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big IFA Signings

TBDSN-The IFA picture is shaping up as a spend spend spend motif so far this season. In another world I am in there has only been one IFA signing above 10M and the next highest is 6.8M. Doesn't sound too bad until you realize the season is 2/3 gone already. We are just barely over 1/3 of the way through and we have spent more on 5 players than the other world has total. Oh well, so much for the who cares trivia on to the IFA guys.

D'Angelo Martin we already know about and his whopping 22.4M signing bonus. In 8 appearances though he has a record of 4-1 and performing to all the hype.

Ivan Hernandez and his 15.8M signing bonus hasn't performed quite as well yet. He is 1-0 in 7 appearances so far.

Candy Kreuter will be bringing his signing bonus of 15.6M to play soon enough. The Seattle Killer Whales get a good power hitting and defensive RF for their money.

Del Hernandez has jolted the economy somewhat with his 10.8M bucks. Though that much money spent should have gotten a 2B that could play the position IMHO. So far in Low A he has a .308 average with 1 tater in 18 games.

Tomas Tatis brings his 10M to town with some pretty good stuff as some teams have found out. In two starts so far he as given up 1 hit, that being a solo shot, and has struck out 11.

Yeico Solano has yet to start earn his 9.5M signing bonus. He awaits the Arizona Rookie League to start. Everything points to the fact that he could very well be an All-Star power hitting catcher one day.

Tomas Bennett got his chunk of the pie also as he took home 6.9M. Although he may be attuned to Seattle's park, the numbers are not overly impressive. So far he is enjoying his season in Low A with a 2-1 record in 4 appearances.

Davey DaSilva gets 6.6M for his services. Sporting a 5-2 record in 7 appearances has the Beachcombers hopeful.

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