Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chicago acquires a starter, Austin City strikes again

The Snake Tamers, in what is probably the toughest division in baseball, acquired a starting pitcher from Austin City to try and hold off the Fargo Dirtbags and Toronto Toros.

Chicago gets: SP Claude Jacquez, SP Art Conway (AA)
Austin City gets: C Wiki Mateo (AAA), 1B William Farr (AAA)

Analysis: Jacquez immediately falls in behind Tucker and Eusebio to provide very good depth at the #3 spot for Chicago. This doesn't put their rotation up with Fargo's, but they did improve in this area. Conway is a marginal major league prospect at best.
Austin City gets a great defensive catcher (they are now officially Catcher Central) in Mateo and a future power-hitting and surprisingly fast 1B in Farr. Not sure both will be with Austin, but both will be in the majors someday for some team.

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