Sunday, August 10, 2008

Season 3 Playoff Predictions

Nothing like making preseason predictions (before deadline deals and crippling injuries happen).
But hey, it gives people a reason to talk. So here goes:

National League:
Division Winners:
1. Fargo
2. Houston
3. Salem
4. Norfolk

Wild Card:
5. Chicago
6. Arizona (too tempting to resist)

1st Round:
Chicago over Norfolk
Arizona over Salem

Fargo over Chicago
Houston over Arizona

NLCS: Fargo over Houston

American League:
Division Winners:
1. Milwaukee
2. Monterrey
3. Louisville
4. Las Vegas

Wild Card:
5. Nashville
6. Toledo

1st Round:
Louisville over Toledo
Nashville over Las Vegas

Milwaukee over Nashville
Monterrey over Louisville

ALCS: Milwaukee over Monterrey

World Series: Milwaukee over Fargo

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