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Where are they NOW

Where are they now (Season 1 – Amateur Draft Update)

It is one thing to find and draft a player that has HUGE potential, but quite another to actually get him to those lofty projections you saw when you signed him. Getting your prospects close to those projections is a major key in HBD. That potential Ace of the starting rotation may turn out to be a “mop up” guy at the ML level, if things are done wrong. Coaching, training budget, playing time, no serious injuries and promotions at the right time are all keys. As well as the player’s make-up rating etc which also play a role.

So how is the class of Season 1 doing??? Well let’s take a look shall we (I’ve included my review from the Year 1 draft):

Huntington Beachcombers (AL) - DERRIN HERNANDEZ 2B
Skinny: Derrin should be a solid everyday 2B or COF in a couple of years. The guy looks like he's going to be an "iron man" type of player. The only two drawbacks on this young kid are a relatively weak arm and just slightly above average ability to make contact at the plate. But his fielding range and pretty good eye at the plate should help overcome these weaknesses. - Overall rating: 8.5/10

Well the start of Season 3 finds Derrin on Huntington’s ML Roster! After the draft Huntington put this guy right into AAA; where in 82 games he hit .229 (not a good start). Season 2 in AAA he played 144 games and hit .326 with 17 HRs, 118 RBIs. Derrin’s 91 K is high considering his power numbers, especially at the AAA level. That # of strikeouts is likely to rise against ML pitching. So can he still hit for a decent average with these Ks and will his marginal arm (for 2b) hurt the team. We’ll see.

Pawtucket Patriots (AL) – RICO GUEVARA CF/2B
Skinny: If Pawtucket can sign Rico, he'll be a solid MLer. This Buffalo native has the potential to be a solid power hitter at the plate. His fielding range isn't good enough for CF (even at 2B it's marginal), but his glove should more than make up for it. The major downside of this prospect is his durability; his potential there is below average for a starting Major Leaguer.- Overall rating: 7/10

Wasn’t signed.

Houston Oilers (NL) – LONNY GATES SP
Skinny: Lonny has the potential to become a solid ace pitcher in the majors! Should be a solid ground ball pitcher with 4 solid pitches. The only major drawback on Gates is his velocity. He's a pitch to contact type BUT with a solid infield... can you say possible CY Young material?- Overall rating: 9.5/10

Lonny starts his 3rd pro year in AA. In year 1, he started 16 games in Rookie Ball with a 7-1 record, 2.42 ERA & WhiP under 1!! Year 2, he was promoted to Hi-A where he started 18 games with 10-3 record before being promoted to AA. Where he started 9 more games going 7-1. He’s 17-4 with a 2.81 ERA & 1.20 WHiP so far in the minors – looking good!!! Lonny is showing the promise he had when drafted, I see Lonny in AAA before this season is over.

Vancouver Fighting Moose (AL) – JACK HUNT 2B
Skinny: This speedster from Delaware has pretty much the whole package in potential: solid glove, good range, decent arm for a 2nd baseman. At the dish, Jack will be a major contributor, as he should be able to put up decent power numbers and batting average. However, his decisions on the base paths could hurt the team from time to time. - Overall rating: 9/10

Jack is presently in Hi-A with the Seattle franchise (moved from Vancouver this year). He suffered a minor injury in season 2, nothing that will hamper his development. He played In 24 games in Rookie before being promoted to Low A. Then was promoted to Hi-A late in season 2. So far in 178 games of minor league ball he’s hitting .347 with 44 long flies. His base stealing is as expected, not good, he’s getting thrown out 50% of the time! Still he’s development is going fine but still a few seasons away from the show.

Salem Sacrifices (NL) – BENJI STEWART SP
Skinny: If Benji does get signed, he should become an OK ML pitcher. He's got good control and stamina, BUT he'd better be pitching in a "Pitcher's Park" due to the fact that he has low velocity and the fact that he's a fly ball pitcher. Throw in the fact that he doesn't have a real "go to" pitch... says to me he's bullpen material.- Overall rating: 3/10

Season 3 see Benji with Salem’s AAA squad (promoted late in season 2). He played all year 1 (after draft) in Low A. The played most of year 2 with High A team where he put decent #s. He started 9 games in AAA and they were a struggle; going 2-3 with an ERA over 7. How will he do with a full year of AAA ball? Again I’ve seen “Fly Ball” pitchers do really well in farm system; but when coming to the ML level…. They are best in the bullpen not as starters.

Louisville Legends (AL) - AMP PALMER SS
Skinny: Louisville went with a guy from their neck of the woods and well... maybe home cooking is the best. Amp is the whole package in potential. Slick fielding, great arm and solid bat... this kid could very well become MVP material. In 3 years, look out AL!!! - Overall rating: 10/10

Here is the guy I considered the top pick in the draft. Amp played first year in Rookie ball and last year was in Low A. Louisville is bringing this blue chip prospect up slowly, not a bad thing. A small injury had him on the DL for a very short time, nothing major. At present though his is still on the Legends Low-A roster!!! Considering his .340 BA and solid power #s; he belongs in High A at least or AA Ball.

Atlanta Bandits (NL) – JASON WALKER CF/2B
Skinny: Unlike other first rounders that might be in the majors in 2-3 years, Jason will take awhile. The wait will definitely be worth it, though!!! With his potential abilities, you have an All-Star calibre CF or 2B who should hit for average and have decent power numbers. - Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Year 1 saw Jason made a short stint with the rookie team before being promoted to the Low-A squad. He spent the entire season 2 in Low A. He’s has put up some real solid #s at the dish while mainly playing 2B and a little SS for Atlanta. Designated for Hi-A to start this year, Bandits are also taking it slow with this one. Jason doesn’t really have ML SS potential (arm slightly below what you’d want); still doesn’t hurt one iota to play him there while in farm system.

Norfolk Destroyers (NL) – EDDIE MARQUIS SP
Skinny: Eddie should make a solid #3 or #4 starter at the ML level in a few years. While he will not have dominating stuff, he should give the Destroyers a fair number of quality starts. With a slight leaning toward being a fly ball pitcher and weak #3 and #4 pitches, he'll need a solid defence behind him.- Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Eddie was MY first pick in The Bigs and is presently in AA ball to start season 3. Played in the Rookie League first year and High A last season. Overall he’s 18-9 with 4.17 ERA & 1.34 WhiP. No, he hasn’t exactly been dominating, but has been a solid SP for the squads he has pitched for. My original thoughts for this prospect seem to be right on. He’ll not be the Ace of a staff BUT will be an effective starter.

Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) – CHE BONG SS
Skinny: In a couple of seasons the Dodgers should have a solid ML SS. Che has all the tools: good glove, solid arm, and will make for a great lead off guy. Only drawbacks are a weakness against lefties at the dish and his range isn't quite up to the ML average. But neither is a big deal. - Overall rating: 9/10

Mr. Bong is presently in Hi-A. Over his time in Rookie Ball and Low A, he has played a steady SS and hit for a decent average (.328 combined). His present ratings could have playing maybe AA, but the slow & steady pace could the right choice for the future ML SS. I still think Che will make a great lead off in The Bigs!

Texas Double Trouble (AL) – MATT SKINNER RP
Skinny: Matt could be the closer for Texas in a couple of seasons. This hard-throwing Arizona boy is going to have a live fastball which will take a little time to develop. When he does, he should be Mr. 9th inning.- Overall rating: 8.5/10

Well this Texas team may have moved to Iowa City but this future closer is hanging right in there. In year 1, with the rookie team, he saved 11 out of 12 opportunities, allowing opposition hitters only .213 BA. Year 2, in AA, converted 35 of 39 save chances with a WhiP of 0.89 & an OAV of .200. Matt so far has lived up to the hype, should be in AAA before long and he’s not far from the show at present. Hopefully he doesn’t get forgotten like their other 1st rounders!!!!!

Durham Entombed Spiders (AL) - IVAN WEBSTER SP
Skinny: Another finesse pitcher who should develop into a solid #2 starter. Ivan should give Durham a lot of long outings with his solid control and 3 good pitches. The only negatives are his tendency to be a fly ball pitcher and starters with only 3 pitches (no matter how good) can be inconsistent. Maybe he can buck that trend? - Overall rating: 8/10

Ivan is presently with the AAA team of the Jackson Vipers (relocation). His first season spent at the Low A level was not kind as far as W/L go; in 16 starts he was 3-6. Even though his ERA & WHiP were darn decent (3.00 & 1.28 respectively). Season 2 in Hi-A was better, going 11-8 in 28 starts; but his ERA was up over 4. He did start one game in AA at the end of the season, a dominating performance. So it’s AAA for this season

San Juan Dead Bunnies (NL) – CHARLIE WHITE SP
Skinny: Charlie has the tools to be a #2 or #3 starter for the "Stiff Hares". His good control and good stamina means he should be able to take a lot of games into the late innings. The only real knock on Charlie is while he'll have 4 solid pitches, he doesn't have an "out" pitch. But here his velocity may save him. - Overall rating: 8/10

Season 3 finds Charlie slated for the BIG CLUB. This prospect has made a fast climb to the ML level. Finished year 1 in Low A, started season 2 in AA and finished in AAA by the end of the season. His stats in the minors: 25-9, 3.47 ERA & 1.31 WhiP. Overall his ratings are marginal for the majors, especially his splits; San Juan will hope his control helps overcome that weakness. Time will tell if he’s really ready for this big jump.

New York New York (AL) – CHRIS LOWRY SP
Skinny: Chris is your typical finesse groundball pitcher. If he can develop 4 of his 5 pitches to ML calibre to go with his solid command and stamina, he could be the ace of New York's staff. I expect to see this guy's name in the All-Star line-up by season 5.- Overall rating: 9/10

Chris has made his way to the AAA level to start season 3. Year 1 he split time between Rookie & Hi-A and was in AA for all of season 2. Over two seasons of minor league ball, he has posted a 22-13 W/L record with a ERA of 3.19 & WhiP 1.30. AAA seems the proper place for him right now, it may take a couple more years but he’ll definitely make the majors.

Anaheim Sleepers (AL) – MATEO BATISTA SP
Skinny: As opposed to the Lowry pick, Batista is more of a power pitcher. The only question for him is his secondary pitches- he should have a fastball well-above average, but doesn't have a good 2nd pitch. If he can get by with only that fastball, he's got the stamina, control, and velocity to get ML hitters out enough to be an ace: if not, he's more of a #2 or #3 starter. Either way, this is a pretty good pick at 14.- Overall rating: 9/10

Season 2 finds Mateo in AA Ball for the Anaheim franchise. He has been on the usual track to the majors. He took a while to decide to sign with the Anaheim franchise, therefore only started 12 games that first year of pro ball. Last year he was in Hi-A where he went 15-8 with 3.12 ERA & 1.32 WHiP (starting 29 games). He has a great K to BB ratio and has not given up many homeruns but his OAV was at .263; is this result of having only one solid pitch?

Arizona Diamondbacks (NL) -WILLIE SCOTT SS
Skinny: Willie should become a solid everyday SS for the D-Backs. He's got solid defensive skills with an average arm for a ML SS. The only question mark is his bat. While he hits lefties and righties equally and has some pop in his bat, he's going to strike out a lot against ML pitching. This, for a guy with his speed and base running ability, hurts him. - Overall rating: 7.5/10

The Arizona team has promoted Willie all the way to the big club for the start of the upcoming season. After being drafted he played 80 games in Low A, hitting .327; but was thrown out over 40% when trying to steal and his # of Ks were about the same as BBs. Last year he played mostly Hi-A with a solid BA of .315; but he struck out more than twice as often as walking. Also, it would seem due to his lack of success as a base stealer; he only made 16 attempts! He finished year 2 in AA, played 11 games and didn’t do well. Is the jump too big of one???? We’ll see.

Skinny: IF Placido can stay healthy and reach his potential, the Cubbies could have a ML batting champion on their hands. This kid can flat out hit!! While his range and glove are definitely 2B material, the arm is another matter. His accuracy in particular may have him tagged for a future COF position. The key for Placido is to stay healthy. - Overall rating: 8/10

Placido was one of the young prospects Chicago recently traded to Houston for star pitcher Matty Eusebio. After being drafted Placido spent a short time in Rookie, before getting promoted to Low-A; then finished the year with Chicago’s AA squad. Quite jump, even though he did hit .400 at the Low-A level. He played for the team’s ML squad in year 2, where quite frankly he struggled - .248 BA and struck out 115 times while only hitting 14 jacks, not good to say the least. Like Willie Scott of Arizona, could this be too fast of a trip to the bigs???

Memphis Short Grass (NL) JEROME GRAHAM SP
Skinny: Jerome is going to take some time to develop his skills. If he can reach his potential, Memphis should get a good #3/#4 starter. His control and having only 2 ML quality pitches keep him from being a #2 guy. But his velocity should help counter these shortcomings.- Overall rating: 7/10

Season 3 finds Jerome in AA ball. The franchise has now moved to Austin for year 3. Jerome spent year 1 in the Rookie League and year 2 at the Hi-A level. Over the 2 years of being in the minors he has a record of 22-14 with ERA of 4.75 & WHiP of 1.51. While he hasn’t given up a lot of homers and his K to BB ratio is great; his OAV is less the impressive at .280. Overall these # don’t particularly impress me but he’s still developing so… the jury is still out.

Trenton Traffic (NL) PAUL TURNBOW CF
Skinny: In Paul, Trenton is getting a long term project. But he's young and they've got the time to turn him into a gold glove ML CF. This kid can cover territory in the outfield and should develop a solid glove. While there isn't much question about his defensive abilities, at the plate...he'll strike out a fair bit and swing at stuff outside the strike zone. - Overall rating: 7.5/10

Trenton is taking the slow and steady route with this young prospect. He split his first playing a little in Rookie Ball then rest at the Low-A level. All of season 2 was spent there as well. Season 3 sees him playing for the Hi-A squad. While his batting average over the two seasons is decent (.308); as I suspected his K totals are quite high, especially when you consider his extra base #s. His 1st year also saw him play almost every position; while last year he spent pretty entirely playing CF. As I said in my draft preview, defence is not a problem his hitting is where the ? is.

Boise Buckskins (NL) PLACIDO ROMANO SP
Skinny: Boise has got themselves a definite #2 guy who could be the ace of the staff. He's a finesse ground ball pitcher with the potential to develop 4 solid pitches. The only thing that could possibly keep Placido from being an ace is his control, but even that might not keep him from the #1 spot.- Overall rating: 8.5/10

Placido retired after two straight years of Rookie Ball!!! WHAT A WASTE! This guy had ML potential written all over him. Too bad it’s not possible to convince a retired player to come back in HBD!!! Oh well, goes to show… MAKE SURE YOU PROMOTE YOUR VALUABLE PROSPECT A REGULAR BASIS – otherwise…..

Cleveland Skidmarks (AL) TITO MARTIN 2B
Skinny: Another 1st round picks who will take about 5 seasons to see the bigs. When he does... Cleveland will have a GREAT hitter on their hands. Definite .300+ hitter with about 20-25 long flies a year potential. His overall defensive skills are solid for a ML 2B. Only question is, did Cleveland make a mistake by starting him in Hi-A?? Time will tell. - Overall rating: 9/10

Well, Tito in year 1 played great at the Hi-A level hitting .369. Year 2 in AAA, saw him struggle hitting only .239. He’s set to return to AAA ball this season for the franchise (now based in Toledo). He should improve upon those numbers this season. I still think he’s quite a ways from being ML material but given time…. he’ll make it.

Monterrey Sultans (AL) MICHAEL GIAMBI SP
Skinny: In Michael the Sultans are getting a pitcher with good ML potential. Whether it's as an end of the rotation guy or out of the pen, time will tell. Should be able to take a game into the late innings as a starter and will not walk many batters. But his "go to" pitch is OK at best and his other pitches are, well, marginal. - Overall rating: 6.5/10

The Sultans have Mike playing Hi-A this season. After the draft he played Low-A and started there for season 2. Half way into the season he was promoted to Hi-A. Overall Mr. Giambi has failed to impress, 9-14 with a 4.56 ERA & 1.50 WHiP. As well as allowing opposition hitters to hit .277 off him. On a good note, he’s been able to keep the ball in the park. Like Tito above, his got a long way to go until he gets THE CALL on the phone.

Colorado Springs Chickens (AL) EVAN SMITH 2B/COF
Skinny: Evan will be in the farm system of the Chickens for a few seasons. If he can reach the potential the scouts see, we're talking an All-Star calibre 2B! The kid can hit for average and has decent pop in his bat and he's no slouch in the field, that's for sure. The only thing that could hold Evan back is HEALTH and his potential durability that is slightly low for an ML starter. - Overall rating: 8/10

So far Evan has had a healthily first couple of seasons of pro ball. Presently with Colorado Spring’s Hi-A affiliate for the upcoming season. Evan has pretty much performed has expected, hitting for a decent average. He has been spending most of his time in LF. Again, still a while before making the ML level but definitely on track for it.

Houston Oilers (NL) KEVIN KIM SS
Skinny: With their 2nd pick in the 1st round Houston gets a speedy SS in Kevin. Great defence and a solid bat are what Kevin brings to the table. While Kevin is a long-term project, I feel the Oilers will be happy with what they get when this kid is ready for the bigs as a leadoff guy in the batting order.- Overall rating: 8.5/10

Kevin’s start to his pro career has meant “don’t unpack”. The Houston franchised traded him the Chicago Cubs (now Snake Charmers) late in season 2. Then Chicago turned around and promptly traded him with a couple other prospects to Las Vegas for an all star 3B. He starts the season at the AA level, spending year 1 in rookie and year 2 at Hi-A. His performance has been as expected, a solid BA with good number of SBs. BUT he’s getting thrown out about 1/3 of time!! Though not surprising considering his Base running Rating. Still overall I don't Las Vegas will be sorry they picked him up.

Philadelphia Blue Jays (NL) JIMMIE WILLIAMS 1B/DH
Skinny: While normally I'm not a big fan of drafting a 1B/DH in the first round, Williams is, without a doubt, an exception to that rule. He will hit for both average and power, making him the ideal clean up hitter. A guy like Jimmie is not there for his glove or arm (good thing!). This future fan favourite will make pitchers' ERAs go up! - Overall rating: 9/10

If you’re looking for Jimmie, find him in AAA for the Washington franchise (was Philly). Despite having a marginal health rating, he’s been able to stay off the DL. He basically started in AA after the draft, where his BA was very good but the power #s weren’t quite there; only 18 homers in 229 AB. Last year in AAA, both his BA & HRs took a drop. I’m sure both will go up this year in AAA. He’s still a couple of seasons away from the ML level.

Fargo Dirtbags (NL) MATTY CLEMENS 2B/COF
Skinny: This kid should be a great all-around hitter. Matty should become a guy that hits around .300 and hits about 30 HRs a year. While not spectacular, he should be an invaluable player for Fargo in the future. Nothing wrong with that!- Overall rating: 8/10

Matty starts this season in Low-A????? After being drafted he was placed there and in 84 games hit .308. Season 2 he still was in Low-A where he played 85 (hitting .341); before being promoted to Hi A and playing 12 games there (hitting .373). A week ago during FA & Coaching (of season 3) he was demoted back to Low-A??? Why, the guy was tearing up Hi A. To be frank, Fargo better do a quick rethink!! Otherwise the same thing that happened to PLACIDO ROMANO will happen here! A guy with this potential is NOT a player Fargo can afford to lose.

Texas Double Trouble (AL) BRANT BELLE COF
Skinny: A good future COF is what Texas gets with their 2nd pick in the first round. Brant should not strike out much and will hit for power. He struggles against lefties but his ability to make contact at the plate will help overcome this. While his defensive skills are OK for a ML COF, his bat should make up for any deficiencies there. - Overall rating: 8/10

This Texas franchise is now based in Iowa City and Brant seems to be almost forgotten. He took a while to sign, therefore only played 34 games of Rookie ball in year 1. Was promoted to Low-A for season 2, where he hit .321 with 24 Hrs. A darn solid year. Yet he still sits in Low-A for the beginning of this season?????? This prospect’s present ratings seem to make ready for AA ball. To keep him there is a definite waste of his skills & potential. Again it appears management is dropping ball here too.

Milwaukee Manic Maulers (AL) ALEX CALVO SP
Skinny: The Maulers went a little "off the board" with this pick; most teams that saw him had him pegged as a 2nd rounder. Alex's control is below what most look for in an ML pitcher and he doesn't really have a "go to" pitch. Combine this with him being a finesse pitcher... says bullpen guy to most. Maybe the Milwaukee scouts see something the rest didn't??? Time will tell. - Overall rating: 5.5/10

A rather iffy start to his career in Low-A season 1. Started 15 games going 5-8 with an ERA of 5.49 & WHiP 1.63. Season 2 saw him perform to a level the Milwaukee hopes is a sign of things to come. He started 29 games going 15-9, ERA was 4.74 and WHiP 1.54. Maybe not spectacular, buy ok for Hi-A. Also, his K to BB ratio is better than 2 to 1; considering his marginal control… that is very good. Season 3 sees Alex with the team’s AA squad. I’m sure Milwaukee management hopes his improvement continues.

Texas Double Trouble (AL) RICHARD CANNON SP
Skinny: With their 3rd pick of the 1st round, Double Trouble went with a hard-throwing farm boy from Saskatchewan, Canada! While his control should improve, I don't think it will be better than marginal for an ML pitcher. However, his ability to throw hard and induce ground balls with a nasty sinker should help him get out of jams! - Overall rating: 7/10

Another one of the forgotten ones!!! He has spent his first two season in the Rookie League. Iowa City is lucky Richard didn’t retire on them (like another 1st rounder did). Also, he only started 24 games over those 2 seasons!! This prospect development has been rather neglected and his overall potential has taken a hit. Again hopefully Iowa City will get this young prospect up to at least Hi-A before the season starts. So can get the playing time he needs to even get to the majors. Iowa City management better wake up. There 3 blue chips prospects being neglected!!!

Nashville Sounds (AL) FELIX COMER SP
Skinny: I'm sure Nashville was happy to see Comer still available when their turn finally cam around! Like some of the other late 1st round picks, Felix is a long-term project. But the light at the end is a hard-throwing lefty who could be the ace of the staff. Solid command of 4 above-average ML pitches, will keep ML batters guessing. Quite a steal to grab a guy of this quality at #29. - Overall rating: 9.5/10

Felix is what I felt was the steal of the draft, this one should’ve gone a lot higher. Nashville has him in AA for season 3. In season 1, he only pitched 39.1 innings before getting the call for Low-A. Started there in season 2, where he went 11-5 with an ERA of 4.07 and WHiP of 1.46 in 28 starts. Mr Comer seems to be on track to make the majors in a couple of years and look out AL when he does.

Ottawa Naughty Kitties (AL) FRANKIE LIGTENBERG RP
Skinny: In Ligtenberg the "Bad Cats" get a future dependable setup guy for their pen. Frankie doesn't quite have the knockout punch needed to close at the ML level. Still, this hard-throwing lefty should be a valuable addition to Ottawa's pen in a few seasons. - Overall rating: 6.5/10

The Ottawa franchise is now based in St. Louis for season 3. Frankie find himself getting for Hi-A this upcoming season. In Rookie Ball, he saved 17 of 22 chances in season 1. He split time in season 2 between Low-A & Hi-A, saving 23 of 35 chance. That is not impressive, but like I said in my first review, he doesn’t really have closer stuff. Still he should AA before season 3 is done I would think.

Philadelphia Blue Jays (NL) BOB PARKINSON SP
Skinny: With their 2nd pick of the round, Philly goes with a guy who should be a solid #3 or #4 guy in the rotation. Bob is a hard-throwing lefty with good control. On the downside, he struggles against righties and the last 3 of his 5 pitches have marginal potential. Even with those weaknesses, Bob should be a fine addition to the Blue Jays ML staff when he's ready. - Overall rating: 7.5/10

Bob is presently looking at his second season of AA ball. Year 1 saw him split time between the levels of A ball. Where he went 13-2 overall with a respectable 3.68 ERA. Last season was not kind to this prospect. He was promoted to the AA where he struggled. He started 28 games (pitched in 30 overall) with a win/loss record of 9 & 12. His ERA was an unimpressive 5.18. So, 2nd stint in AA is in order. He should improve on his previous season’s performance and find himself ready for AAA next year or sooner.

Baltimore Iron Birds (AL) BIP WITT SP
Skinny: I'm sure Iron Bird fans are hoping Baltimore can sign this kid! Bip has all the tools to be a fine ML pitcher: good control, quality pitches, and the ability to induce plenty of ground balls. The only knock on Bip is his durability. It takes him longer than average to be ready for his next start; this most likely will keep him from the starting rotation. However, he could be very valuable as a long reliever/ spot starter. - Overall rating: 7/10

Was not signed

Synoposis: Overall I'd say the class of year 1 is doing very well and we'll seeing some these guys on All Star Roster in near future! Though sadly 3 are gone, 2 didn't sign and 1 left due to neglect.

On a side note: From my experience in HBD and what I've seen here, as well as what I saw when I took over an abandoned team in Bo Jackson World; the farm system is widely neglected by new owners! They focus on the ML Team and seem to give up on the lower level teams. Is it too much work??? Or is not as glamorous as the ML??? Time and time again I see farm teams with a whole staff of pitchers tired right out (at ZERO). HBD stands for Hard Ball DYNASTY.... you want a team that not only will be competitive this year but following years too. Yes, it does take an investment of time to deal with the minor league teams. BUT there is a reward in it if you wish to keep the team for a # of seasons. So to be sure to promote your blue chip prospects and make sure the rosters have enough pitching (at least 3 or 4 guys on the inactive list as well as the 12-13 active guys - the team will NEED them!!!). As well as some inactive positional guys. WIS does allow for rather large inactive list at each level - USE IT!

K - my soapbox time is up!


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