Monday, August 4, 2008

Coach Hiring In A Reporters Eyes

TBSN-Coach hiring is probably the toughest thing there is in HBD. If done right can reward most of your players in your organization one way or another combined with training IMHO. I really never looked at coach hiring too much in the past, all I mostly did was find the best rated coach and went for him. But after the last coaching update and reading the forums I have deduced there may be a winning formula with coaches. I have come to the conclusion that coaching doesn't really help you win games in all reality, the players do that. What the coaches do in essence is help the players be better to win games just like in RL. Ok, sometimes coaching strategy may win a game here and there but not every time.

I had an unusual situation this season as most of my coaches wanted to stay in the organization but wanted advancement except for two or three and I had to choose which I wanted and which ones I didn't. All my Rookie coaches wanted Low A jobs, all my Low A wanted High A jobs. The ones I was worried about the most of course was my ML coaches but that is neither here nor there. I had to find 7 coaches in all this year, three in the Rookie League. Did I run the price up of any Coaches? Just one, he was worth every penny IMO, but I gave up at 3.9, too much for me to continue. Most of the coaches that wanted advancement really weren't coaches I would choose to hire, but then I noticed a trend with them. Most of their stats improved across the board so I kept them. The biggest thing I have noticed with coaches is their patience and discipline rarely improve. After reading the forum I have deduced from the "experts" that one or the other is needed to help improve players and that high patience is valued more than discipline. But I think it is because you need a high training budget to help also. Also if both are high and discipline is higher than patience they tend to stay away from that type of coach because the higher one overrides the lower which I can see. IMHO at the ML, it would seem that you would want discipline over patience. I have yet to really see a difference in either one myself in the advancement role that would cause me to lean one way or the other. Also the "experts" like coaches that are higher in other areas not just the ones they are fitted for, I can see this aspect as well. I tend to think that a coach combined with training and the players patience and makeup tends to make him better and reach his projections faster. In simple terms a player advances because he wants to be better and if the necessary tools are available he will.

One last thing I noticed are previous coaches that are "Looking at all Franchises". IMHO some of them are just looking for a raise but are afraid to ask and want to be paid according to their peers. I had one that I really wanted to keep this season, but alas I never negotiate with this kind of "jumping ship" coach. This season was a little different, though I never negotiated with him until after the first wave of hiring was over and he was still available. It seems that a previous coach will take his old job if the position is still available even if other teams are offering more money and other coaches your vying for seem not to accept the position because of that. And it could be that they are hoping they will get an offer from a specific team. In the real world an organization develops a short list of coaches they want to hire or they accept resumes from all interested coaches and interview the ones they believe can help their club. In essence IMHO, that is what has been set up in a deceiving fashion. However, IMHO, many of the coaches are greedy beggers that follow the money trail to the highest bidder.

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