Sunday, August 31, 2008

12 player mega-deal between New York and Austin

The New York New York and the Austin City Limits have completed the largest trade in The Bigs history.

New York receives: SP Jason Sprague, RP Eduardo Moya, SP/RP Peter Carr

Austin receives: SS William Satou (AAA), RP Steven Michaels (AAA), SP Warren Pagnozzi (AA), C Jesus Ordonez (Lo-A), RF Fonzie Mientkiewicz (AAA), LF Rico Johnson (AA), SP Delino Colon (AA), SP Chris Lowry (AAA), RP Bill Robbins (AAA)

Analysis: Yikes. I think I got traded in this deal somewhere. Seriously, I don't know if this necessarily changes the landscape of the AL, but it does give New York a few good pieces. Sprague is a good, probably not great, starting pitcher; he could be an ace if he could somehow develop another pitch to go with that sinker. Moya is a commodity rarely available: a 22-year-old good relief pitcher. He's got closer written all over him. Carr will give New York some innings in long relief/mopup duty; he was mostly traded due to his contract of almost $5 million dollars which now comes off of Austin's cap.

As for Austin, there are so many minor leaguers here that I'll just give a quick glimpse of each.

Satou is a slick-fielding, speedy shortstop who should hit enough to stick in the majors.
Michaels has control issues and doesn't have a pitch to go with his fairly good sinker- I don't see him sticking in the big leagues.
Pagnozzi could end up being a solid back of the rotation type guy on the big league level. Ordonez is a light-hitting catcher with a great arm and can call a very good game- I could see him backing up Brumfield someday.
All Name team candidate Mientkiewicz has good enough speed and hitting ability to maybe be a leadoff hitter on the ML level and should at least be good enough to bat in a lineup, but his best asset is his arm- it's a cannon.
Johnson has good power and good speed- possible future ML starter.
Colon is intriguing; he has terrible control, but he could be great if he could somehow overcome that problem. Just not sure he can.
Lowry is another back of the rotation type- I'd rate him slightly better than Pagnozzi.
Robbins should see the ML level soon- he's a good setup guy from the left side.

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