Thursday, August 28, 2008

Norfolk inks IFA

TBDSN - Norfolk Destroyers signed Del Hernandez to a 3 year MLB contract in excess of 10.8M. Hernandez is a pseudo 2B with high contact and power, his eye and splits will complement his batting stance against left handed pitching. Plans for the young star is not immediately known except that he was shipped to Low A to begin his career. Beaming GM aginor more or less said "Lets see what the kid has before we make any final plans for his future at this time".

Sneaking under the lime-light was the deal that tj01536 of the Huntington Beachcombers made for Ivan Hernandez the other day. Ivan is a left handed pitcher from San Cristobal, DO. His control and pitches will leave batters in amazement even his weak split right handed opponents. Assigned to High A and has made three quality starts but has not had a decision in any of his forays. For 15.8M could be a future bargain.

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