Sunday, August 17, 2008

IFA Inks Record Deal

TBDSN - Cantarski and the Atlanta Bandits fans had a reason to celebrate as they signed a "Blue Chip" IFA today for a record deal in excess of $23M. Fans were excited and appalled at the acquisition at the same time. Some rejoiced as they say he will one day be a CY Young candidate, some didn't delight in the amount spent on a maybe, some were split as his rumored arrogant attitude precedes him. What did the Bandits get for so much money? A mostly ground ball pitcher that can play 1B also if he could hit. But his skills as a pitcher is what made scouts and GM's go gaga. He has the Stamina and Control to easily go 9+ innings in an outing and the durability to recover in a 5 man rotation. Right handed hitter are not gonna be happy but a lefty might see a weak spot. His velocity is average unless he is throwing at reporters, fans or scouts then it is off the radar gun. Throws an exceptional fastball, a good slider, and has an average mix of curve ball, change up and split finger to keep hitters off balance. Was he worth the money remains to be seen.

I know my scouts saw him as a 95 OVR even with their weak investigating skills and their "beer goggle" eyes. The biggest difference noted though was the evaluation of his first 2 pitches, unlike when I signed Bennett who had a big difference in durability.

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