Sunday, August 31, 2008

Colorado Springs going for the playoffs?

Colorado Springs is tryng to sustain their hot start and, to that end, have completed a deal with the Austin City Limits

Colorado Springs gets: RP Dude Huskey, C Hiram Spooneybarger (AA), SP Carmen Christopher (AA)
Austin City gets: 3B Gerald Stargell (AAA), RP Richard Carrasco (AAA)

Analysis: Huskey instantly fills a gaping hole for Colorado Springs; Alex Cornejo was not getting the job done. In addition to arguably the best closer in the league, Colorado Springs gets a future starting catcher in the deal in Spooneybarger. Christopher was a throw-in, as I don't see him contributing much, if anything, on the big league level.
Austin City should like the acquisition of Stargell, even if the price was a little high. He's not great at any one thing, but he's good in all of the "5 tools". Carrasco could end up in the bullpen, but he's no star.

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