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Top 100 Prospects in The Bigs - Season 3

THE BIGS TOP 100 List Season 3

The level of overall talent in the Bigs farm systems has certainly gotten better when comparing it to past years. This year it is the Killer Whales out of Seattle that lay claim as the team with the most spots on the list with nine, followed closely by the Shakers out of SLC with eight and the Traffic of Trenton with seven. Looks like some big league call-ups lead to a decline in SP prospects to 33 down from 41 last year.Shortstop saw the biggest gains with 16 compared to 11 the season prior, with Salt Lake City owning 3 of the studs and don't forget about the Springs Chickens with Hamill and Suh. Amp Palmer joins Sean Simpson and Javier Henriquez to be named the No. 1 prospect.


splitsvL / vR splits
++++> 90 pitch rating
+++70-89 pitch rating
++55-69 pitch rating
+40-54 pitch rating
glove/td> overall defense




1.Amp PalmerSSLOA9.65LOUB+ con, B pwr, B++/B splits, eye B-, A- glove, gm
2.Jordan NewfieldSSLOA9.6SLCA- con, B++ pwr, B--/A- splits,D eye, A glove
3.Quilvio SanchezCPLOA9.5SEAA++ stam, A control, A++/A++ splits, 1++++1++ pitches
4.Matt SkinnerCPAA9.3IOWAA- stam, A control, A+/A+ splits, 2+++1+ pitches
5.Alex SamuelSPAAA9.15JAKD++ stam, A- control, A/A++ splits, 3+++1+
Hipolito Maradona
SPAAA9.15LOUA stam, A++ control, B-/B++ splits, 3+++1+
Alex Javier
CPAAA9.15FARA- stam, B++ control, A+/A- splits, 1++++1+++
8.Turner DolanCFR9.1CHAA++ con, pwr D++, B+/B++ splits, B+ eye, A-- glove
9.Carlos BatistaSSLOA9.05SLCB- con, C-- pwr, A--/B++ splits, B-- eye, A-- glove
10.Thurman AllenCFR9.05IOWAC-- con, B-- pwr, C+ eye, B++ glove
11.Rico Guevara2BAA9.0SYRD++ con, B+ pwr,A++/C++ splits, A++ eye, B+ glove GBS
12.Garry WrightCPHIA8.95JAKA- sta, A++ control, C++/A++ splits, 2++++ pitches
13.Paul TurnbowCFHIA8.95TRED- con, C-- pwr, A-/A+ splits, D++ eye, A- glove
14.Alex HamillSSLOA8.9CSPD++ con, A-- pwr, C++/C++ splits, C+ eye, A-- glove
15.Luther BrushSPAAA8.8MNTA++ sta, A-- control, C++/B++ splits, 1+++3++ pitches
16.Jack Hunt2BHIA8.8SEAB con, A-- pwr, C++,B-- splits, A-- eye, C glove, GM
17.Lonny GatesSPAA8.7HOUB sta, A control, 1++++2+++1+ pitches, GM
18.Che BongSSHIA8.7SLCB++ con, C- pwr, C-/A- splits, B- eye, B++ glove, GBS
19.Mateo BatistaSPAAA8.7ANAB stam, A control, B-/A- splits, 1+++2++1+ pitches
20.Willis Biddle2BHIA8.7D.C.A- con, B pwr, B--/D++ splits, C++ eye, B- glove
21.Vic JamesOFHIA8.65SLCA++ con, B pwr, C-/A splits, B- eye, D++ glove, GM
22.Jocko KeatsSPSP8.65MNTB sta, A-- control, A-- control, A--/B++ splits, 1+++3++1+ pitches
23.Lloyd FreelCPAAA8.65STLB- sta, A+ control, C++/A- splits, 1++++2+++2++ pitches
24.Daniel KochSSAA8.6TREB con, B pwr, B--/C-- splits, C-- eye, B+ glove, LH
25.William SatouSSAAA8.55NYD-- con, F pwr, C++/C++ splits, D-- eye, A++ glove
26.Joe GleasonSPAAA8.5SEAC++ sta, A control, B+/B splits, 2+++1++1+ pitches
27.Felipe CallesSPAA8.5SLCC++ sta, A++ control, C/A-- splits, 1++++1+++1++ pitches
28.Bobby DavenportSPHIA8.5NFKB+ sta, A++ control, C++/C++ splits, 2+++2++1+ pitches
29.Lonny hernandezSPHIA8.5SYRD++ sta, A++ control, C++/B-- splits, 1++++1+++1++ pitches
30.Mateo GuerreroSPAA8.5LOUA++ sta, A control, C++/C++ splits, 2+++2++1+
31.Trever RussellOFAAA8.45MNTA con, A pwr, C++, D++ splits, B eye, C-- glove
32.Allie FielderSPAA8.45LOUC-- sta, C-- control, B/B+ splits, 3+++2++ pitches
33.Nick HernandezOFAAA8.45STLA++ con, D-- pwr, D-/A++ splits, A+ eye, D++ glove
34.Yogi AndersonSPLOA8.45STLC++ sta, B+ control, C++/B-- splits, 3+++2++, GM
35.Paul SchwartzRPLOA8.45SEAB- sta, A++ control,A++/B- splits, 2+++1++ pitches
36.Jason WalkerSSHIA8.45ATLA-- contact, B- pwr, B/B- splits, C++ eye, B glove, GM
37.Neifi McBrideSSHIA8.45CHIA-- con, D++ pwr, B/C-- splits, B- eye, A glove
38.Nate McNamaraCPAAA8.4D.C.B+ sta,A-- control, B-/B splits, 1++++1+++1+ pitches
39.Ismael Polanco2BAA8.4LOUA-- con, B++ pwr, B--/B splits, C++ eye, D- glove, GM
40.Mark DeJeanCHIA8.35TORB con, D++ pwr, A+/B splits, A+ eye, B-- glove
41.Kevin KimSSAA8.35LVC- con, D pwr, B/D- splits, C- eye, A glove
42.Stan StarrOFHIA8.3ATLD Con, B++ pwr, A--/B splits, A++ eye, D+ glove
43.Jim ClyburnCPLOA8.25AZA- sta, A control, A--/C-- splits, 2+++1+, GM
44.George Stargell3BAAA8.25CSPC++ con, C++ pwr, C++/C++ splits, D- eye, B- glove, GM
45.Will PiperSPAAA8.25TREB+ sta, B control, B-/B splits,2+++1++
46.Pedro Candelaria2BHIA8.25ANAA con, B pwr, D-/D splits, C+ eye, C-- glove
47.George LoweCFLOA8.2TREB++ con, D++ pwr, C+/A splits, A-- eye, B glove
48.Tom ZimmerCPAA8.2TOLC-- sta, B- control, A-/B- splits, 1++++1+++1+ pitches
49.Albert CastroCFAAA8.2TORC con,C- pwr, C--/C-- splits, A-- glove
50.B.C. StoneSSHIA8.2CHAC++ con, C pwr, B/D+ splits, F eye, A-- glove
51.Sergio HaynesSSAA8.2TOL
F Con, D+ pwr, D--/D-- splits, D- eye, A+ glove
52.Turner DarrSPAAA8.15PHIA sta, A+ control, B--/D-- splits, 3+++1++ pitches
53.Jimmie Williams1BAAA8.15D.C.B+ con, B+ pwr, D/A-- splits, C- eye, D+ glove
54.Mitch ClarkCPAAA8.1TREB+ sta, A++ control, C++/B-- splits, 2+++ pitches
55.Vasco LopezCAA8.1TRED++ con, C+ pwr, B-/A splits, B eye, B--glove
56.Steven O'MalleyCR8.1LOUB-- Con,B++ pwr,A/C++ splits, A- eye, C- glove
57.Kevin Yamakazi2BAA8.1TORB+ con, C++ pwr, D++ eye, C glove
58.Sam BrumfieldCHIA8.1AUSD++ con, B pwr, C++/D-- splits, B- eye, B+ glove, GM
59.Norm EdwardsSPAAA8.05MNTC-- sta, A- control, B/B- spilts, 1+++2++1+ pitches
60.Benji StewartSPAAA8.05SALA- sta, A++ control, D/B+ splits, 1+++2++2+ pitches
61.Monte DuvallSSAAA8.05AUSD++ con, A++ pwr,C+/D++ splits, D++ eye, B-- glove
62.Magglio PerezOFHIA8.05ATLC con, A- pwr, A--/B splits, C-- eye, D+ glove
63.Evan Smith2BHIA8.05CSPC++ con, D++ pwr,A-/B splits, B+ eye, C++ glove, GM
64.Mark BongSPHIA8.05SALA-- sta, B- control, C++/B- splits, 1+++2++2+ pitches
65.Red RoseSSR8.05LOUC- con, D- pwr, B/C-- splits, F eye, A- glove, GM
66.Don WangCPAAA8.05N.O.B-- sta, B-- control, C++/B splits, 1++++1+++ pitches, GM
67.Henry CanizaroCFAA8.0SEAD++ con, C++ pwr,C++/B-- splits, B eye, B+ glove,GM
68.Billy SpencerSPAAA8.0TOLA-- sta,C- control, C++/C++ splits, 2+++2++ pitches
69.Rob CepedaSPAA7.95SLCB sta, C-- control, B/B splits, 2+++2++ pitches
70.Cliff MillerCPLOA7.95SLCA sta, B++ control, A-/B-- splits, 1+++1+ pitches
71.Julio Silvilla1BLOA7.9MILB con, A+ pwr, C/B+ splits, B+ eye, D-- glove, LH
72.Juan CabreraSPAA7.9SEAC++ sta, C+ control, C+/B- splits, 1++++2+++1+ pitches
73.Enrique GutierrezSPHIA7.85FARA- sta, C- control, C-/B+ splits, 2+++1++2+ pitches
74.Larry CarasoneCPHIA7.85SEAC-- sta, A+ control, B/B++ splits, 3+++ pitches
75.Tony Burnitz3BLOA7.85SEAD++ con, B- pwr, B/A- splits, D++ eye, B-- glove
76.Victor Flores2BLOA7.85FARB con, C pwr, C+ eye, C++ glove
77.Alex SuhSSHIA7.85CSPC-- con, D- pwr, B+/C-- splits, F eye, A-- glove
78.Miguel ReyesSPHIA7.8SEAA+ sta, A+ control, B+/C splits, 1++++1+++1++1+ pitches
79.Hiram SpooneybargerCAA7.8HOUC con B+ pwr, A++/D++ splits, B++ eye, C- glove
80.Delino ColonSPAAA7.8NYA-- sta, C-- control, B++/B++ splits, 1++++3++1+ pitches
81.Carlos MartinezSPAA7.8.JAKD++ sta, A++ control, D--/D++ splits, 1++++3+++ pitches
82.Alex EstradaCAAA7.75ANAC con, B- pwr, C++/C++ splits,B-- eye, C++ glove
83.Don DaleyCPAAA7.7AUSB sta, B++ control, C++/B+ splits, 1+++1++ pitches
84.Vic MolinaCPAAA7.7IOWAA- sta, B++ control, B+/C- splits, 1++++1++ pitches
85.Luis MeloOFAA7.7NASC-- con, D++ pwr, B++/B++ splits, A-- eye, D++ glove
86.Rick AndersonCAA7.7MNTC- con, B pwr, B/B+ splits, C+ eye, C- glove
87.Kevin StewartCAAA7.7D.C.B- con, B- pwr, C++/D+ splits, A-- eye, C- glove
88.Matty Clemens2BLOA7.65FARC++ con, C++ pwr, C-/D+ splits, A- eye, B- glove
89.Freddie HamptonCPAAA7.6NYB+ sta, B-- control, A--/C- splits, 2+++1+ pitches
90.Jay GuielSPAAA7.6CHAB sta, A+ control, F/D++ splits, 3+++2+ pitches
91.Eddie MarquisSPAA7.6NFKB++ sta, A-- control, C/C- splits, 1++++1+++2++ pitches
92.Miguel SantanayaCFAAA7.6SJA++ con, C- pwr, C--/D++ splits,F eye, A glove
93.Alex SuarezOFLOA7.5HOUB++ con, B+ pwr, C--/D++ splits, B eye, B glove
94.Santiago Bonilla3BHIA7.5N.O.D+ con, C- pwr, B--/D++ splits, B eye, B glove
95.Phillip WhiteSPLOA7.5AZB+ sta, A++ control, B-/C-- splits, 4++ pitches
96.Jay Hegan3BLOA7.5LVC-- con, C-- pwr, C+/C+ splits, C- eye, B-- glove
97.Jimmie ColeSPAA7.5JAKA++ sta, C-- control, C+/B++ splits, 1++++1+++1++ pitches
98.Butch BushCHIA7.45NFKB- con, C++ pwr, C--/F splits, B eye, A-- glove
99.Bret PierreSPAAA7.45TREC-- sta, C++ control, B/B- splits, 1++++1++1+
100.Victor RushSPAA7.45SLCB++ sta, C+ control, B/C+ splits, 1++++2++2+
101.Dan YountSPAAA7.45SALC-- sta, D control, B/B+ splits, 1+++1++2+
102.Cesar BeltreSSAA7.4STLD-- con, F pwr, C-/C splits, F eye, A glove
103.Vince Salazar2BAA7.4D.C.B++ con, F pwr, B/C- splits, D- eye, B-- glove

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