Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rumor Control

TBDSN - It is rumored that former coaches Luis Blanco and Theodore Rekar are trying to unionize the coaches. These two coaches were snubbed (possibly collusion by other teams may have been involved) by their former teams and vowed revenge. It may take a court order to allow coaches to unionize as the franchises and league officials call them management personnel. While the coaches see themselves as extended players and teachers. League officials don't like the idea one iota as it will bring more lockouts and time consuming drafts and another Free Agent market to control along with controlling the Players Union and Umpires Union is enough to make one sick as it is. The Players Union and Umpire Union agreed with the coaches of course and said it is about time for structured change.

Most coaches like this idea as it will give some stability in their lives and a progressive attitude. Although it isn't as appealing to some of the younger coaches, saying they don't make enough money as it is and they will probably structure it so we get less. Furthermore, it will be harder for new coaches to break into the already seemingly large backlog and harder to find a job.

In other news, it is possible that a certain expected non-contending team is thinking of sending their prized starting pitcher to a contender involving a deal that will snare them a top 10 pick from last years draft plus 2 other top 100 players and players to be named later. Unidentified sources tell me the
involved players to be named later could be the #1 and #3 drafted players in this years draft.

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