Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day of the Season

We're down to one game left and there's only one race left.


The 4 division winners and their seeds have been decided. Salt Lake City will be the top seed in the NL, followed by Fargo; they will have the byes. The two first round series will be divisional rivalries, as New Orleans beat out Austin for the last wild card spot- they'll face #3 Houston to start. #4 Atlanta and #5 Trenton have been on a collision course for almost the entire second half of the season- they'll open the first round in Atlanta.


The four divisions are settled and seeded, as in the National League. Seattle jumped out on everybody and won home field for the AL playoffs. Jackson wrapped up a first round bye- they'll be #2. St. Louis held off a charge from Milwaukee to win the division and held off Louisville for the #3 seed- Louisville will be fourth. St. Louis and Louisville are still awaiting their first round matchups, as Oklahoma City and Monterrey are tied for the #5 spot. An Oklahoma City win or a Monterrey loss gives Oklahoma City the #5 spot and a date with Louisville in the first round and sends Monterrey to St. Louis to play the Silly Nannies; an OKC loss and a Monterrey win has Louisville hosting Monterrey and OKC will go to St. Louis.

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