Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season 7 in Tweets

Twitter (in case you don't know) is a social networking site where you have 140 characters (spaces and punctuation marks included) to answer the question "What are you doing?". If each team in The Bigs had 140 characters to sum up their seasons, it might look a little like this:

National League

Atlanta: First to win two titles. Do we get our due now?

Austin: Made it to .500. Definitely on the way up.

Cheyenne: Lost 10 in a row at a bad time. Then again, is there ever a good time?

Chicago: How do you lose 29 more games compared to last season?

Fargo: Should we just rename the Cy Young Award the Javier Henriquez Award?

Houston: 7 straight division titles and no plans to stop there.

New Orleans: -22 (scored - allowed) + losing record in division = PLAYOFFS?

Norfolk: Watching as Washington took the elevator up past us.

Philadelphia: Not good when your fans refer to a 74 win season a few years back as "The good ol' days".

Salem: Took the wrecking ball to the franchise. Total rebuilding mode.

Salt Lake City: 104 regular season wins mean nothing without 11 more in the playoffs. Only got 2.

San Juan: First two games: wonderful. Last 160: less so.

Trenton: Started the clock on the probably short Dunwoody/Salmon era. Almost enough to take out Atlanta.

Toronto: Respectable effort in final season north of the border.

Vancouver: The one-hit wonders produce yet another flop.

Washington: On the way up even before Balfour and Leonard arrive.

American League

Anaheim: Last place but in a tough division. Could have easily won more than 79.

Boise: Scoreboard operator leads the league in overtime pay.

Boston: Hitters playing wall-ball with the Monster. Pitchers playing "Chuck and Duck".

Buffalo: Went from bad to respectable. The next step is harder...

Charlotte: Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte. Don't talk about the Princesses.

Helena: Pitching coach should win an award for resurrecting Louie Martin's career.

Jackson: Would gladly trade regular season wins for playoff wins (see: Salt Lake City). Dethroning Monterrey was fun, though.

Louisville: Not a vintage Legend team, but one of two to win 7 straight divisions. Still looking to reach the summit.

Milwaukee: Missed the playoffs for the first time ever. Too cold to golf: ice fishing, anyone?

Monterrey: Snuck into the playoffs and were promptly told to leave.

New York: Dominant in one-run games. Lousy in any other type of game.

Oklahoma City: Season was a success, as they booked a trip to the playoffs. Wasn't an extended stay, though.

St. Louis: Took out Milwaukee for first division title, cruised through 2 rounds, gave Seattle all it could handle. Great effort.

Scranton: Those fierce playoff battles with Helena seem light years away after a 71-91 season.

Seattle: Cruised from Opening Day until the ALCS. Came within 2 games of a World Series win. Could very well be back.

Syracuse: Still the little brother in the Upstate NY rivalry.

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