Friday, October 9, 2009

With Lucky 13 To Go

With 13 games to go the playoff teams are starting to take shape.

NL North
Fargo secured the division long ago and will be either the #1 or #2 seed. The rest of the North failed to show up this season. This will be Fargo's sixth straight crown.

NL East
Atlanta and Trenton are fighting over the division and may go down to the wire before the champ is crowned. Either way both have seemingly secured a playoff spot. Could this be Atlanta's 4th straight crown and 5th overall or will Trenton claim its second or its fifth straight second place finish?

NL South
Houston has secured the division crown once again and probably the #3 seed as runnerups Austin and New Orleans are duking it out to determine second place and the #6 seed. This is Houston's seventh straight crown.

NL West
Salt Lake City has laid claim to the division this season and will either be the #1 or #2 seed as their once mighty compatriots have fallen on rough times this year. Cheyenne was hoping to claim the #6 seed but after losing 10 in a row chances look pretty dim. This is the second crown for Salt Lake City.

The AL is something to behold this year as only one team has captured a seed for the playoffs and the wild cards will probably have better records than than two of the top four seeds.

AL North
St. Louis leads an unusually dismal pack with Milwaukee being 5 games back, a winner has yet to be declared. It could be St. Louis' first crown as Milwaukee has won the previous six.

AL East
Louisville has won 7 in a row and can claim the lead by 2 games in this usually quiet division. Let's not count New York out quite yet as things could turn quickly. Can Louisville claim its seventh straight title?

AL South
Jackson holds the lead here but Oklahoma City and Monterrey are still biting at their heels and all three are playoff bound. Can Jackson claim its first crown?

Al West
Seattle secured the division and #1 seed long ago. Congrats to Seattle on it first ever title and second straight playoff appearance.

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