Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bigs Season 8- in Tweets

A recap of all 32 teams' seasons, Twitter-style (140 characters or less)


Atlanta: Won arguably the toughest division in baseball, but couldn't three-peat.

Austin: Good: beat Houston for first division title. Bad: failed to win a playoff series.

Cheyenne: Scored a few more than we gave up. So yep, we're just above .500.

Chicago: Ownership issues, little offense outside Simpson and Soriano- 76 wins is not bad.

Fargo: Couldn't support Javy, down year from Marin, collapse at the end.

Houston: 91 wins doesn't get you into the playoffs?

Kansas City: Right around 70 wins for fifth straight season. Hopefully minor league records indicate turnaround is coming.

New Orleans: Took a step back- starters not named Pong or Oliver highly questionable.

Norfolk: Red-headed stepchild in the NL East with 67 wins. Down years from Gordon and Acquino didn't help.

Philadelphia: 79 wins takes the division. First playoff appearance yields no playoff wins. And now Houston fans hate us.

Salem: Math time: mediocre pitching + no offense = 64 wins.

Salt Lake City: Finally slugged our way to a title! Party... at BYU? Nevermind. How does Hernandez get left off MVP ballot?

San Juan: No worse off then when we had Chang. Decent pieces in place. Bullpen still highly flammable.

Trenton: Another 90 win season. Another first-round loss. Major changes coming?

Vancouver: Call us Vancuver. If Merced has an ERA under 4 and is 4-16, must be no "O".

Washington: Were expected to contend as the Leonard era begins. LCS appearance was way ahead of schedule, though.


Anaheim: Tough to compete in a division with Seattle, Helena, and Boise. Batista stepped up to the big-time though.

Boise: Team gives up 838 runs and makes the playoffs? You cannot be serious. Unless you have McEnroe.

Boston: Were in position to knock off Louisville. Pulled a Fargo-like collapse.

Buffalo: One of two teams to have never made the playoffs. With this staff, probably not snapping that soon.

Charlotte: Team gave up over 1000 runs on its way to losing 106 games. Somewhere, Ham Bruske is twitching.

Helena: Surprise LCS appearance after wild card berth- may be last hurrah for this squad.

Jackson: Back down to earth at 81-81. May need to retool a bit.

Louisville: Always finds a way to get it done to take the East. But still no World Series appearance.

Milwaukee: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Last 3 season win totals: 99, 82, 64.

Monterrey: After two seasons of Jackson dominance, veteran squad found its way back to the top of the AL South.

New York: Beat Chicago by two runs, was outscored by every other AL and NL team.

Oklahoma City: Was in the mix again, not enough pitching to get it done.

St. Louis: Dominated a weak division on way to #1 seed, didn't help come playoff time.

Scranton: The Turner Dolan Show needs a supporting cast. Chief Pearson shouldn't be playing a lead role.

Seattle: Second straight World Series appearance. Second straight runner-up finish.

Syracuse: Below average pitching, very little offense. That'll lose you 100 games. NY, BUF, and SYR- is offense outlawed in NY state?

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